Appendix C

Domestic and Foreign Wind Power Technology Standards

C.1. Chinese and International Wind Power Integration Technical Standards (see Table C.1)

Table C.1

International Wind Power Integration Technical Standards

No.CountryNameDate of Implementation
1DenmarkWind turbine generators integrated to network with voltage levels above/below 100 kV2004.12
2GermanyGrid code for high and extra high voltage2006.4
3SpainP.O. 12.32006.10
4BritainTHE GRID CODE2009.3
5USAFERC order 2003—Standardization of generator interconnection agreements and procedures2008.2
6IrelandEirGrid grid code (wind grid code only)2009.1
7ScotlandGuidance note for the connection of wind farms2002.12
8CanadaWind power facility technical requirements2004.11

C.2. Wind Power Integration Technical ...

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