The Fortran Source Code for OPO Threshold and Efficiency

D.1      OPO.f

The Fortran code OPO.f used to calculate the function ɡmm is presented below. For a given value of the ξρ, the confocal parameter of the pump beam, the program maximizes the function h with respect to the confocal parameter of the signal beam ξs and the phase mismatch parameter σ. The ranges of ξp and σ over which the maximum of h occurs are set by trial and error.

c OPO.f

 implicit real*8 (a-h,o-z)

 real*8 kappa2,k2,mu

 CHARACTER*20 fileout

 common/list1/ kappa2,alpp,alpi,alps,cp,cs,etas,del

 common/list2/ cp0,cpf,cs0,csf,sig0,sigf

 common/list3/ mcp,mcs,msig

del = 1.1

write(6,*)’enter kappa2’


write(6,*)’enter cp0,cpf,mcp’


write(6,*)’enter ...

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