Time for action – modifying lists using enumitem

Let's change the numbering scheme. We shall number alphabetically using circled letters. Furthermore, we will replace bullets by dashes:

  1. We shall discard paralist and load the package enumitem instead. We will turn away from the compact environments returning to the standard list notation:
    \documentclass{article} \usepackage{enumitem} \setlist{nolistsep} \setitemize[1]{label=---} \setenumerate[1]{label=\textcircled{\scriptsize\Alph*}, font=\sffamily} \begin{document} \begin{enumerate} \item State the paper size by an option to the document class \item Determine the margin dimensions using one of these packages: \begin{itemize} \item geometry \item typearea \end{itemize} \item Customize header and ...

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