ADA. See Americans with Disabilities Act

Agreement. See also Contract

buyback, preparing, 2223

founders’, 2122

nondisclosure, 3233

shareholders’, 2122

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 27

Arbitration, 22, 27, 30


Bank account, setting up, 6163

Bookkeeping system, 6180

additional notes, 6970

basics of, 6769

tax year selection and cash method vs. accrual method of accounting, 6667

Business interruption insurance, 46

Business ownership, forms of, 610

corporations, 89

limited liability company (LLC), 910

partnerships, 78

professionals, special note for, 10

sole proprietorship, 7

Business registration requirements, 1314

Business’s money, management

cash flow,191–195

holding off paying bills, techniques for, 192193

minimizing ...

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