Chapter 4. What the Tortoise Said to Laurie

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Laurie took a left turn at the sign marked “Recursion Junction.” After cresting a little hill, she ended up at . . . Recursion Junction!

“Is this the same place, Xor?” Laurie asked. “It looks like it.”

“Try a right turn,” he said.

She did, but after a short while they were back where they started. When she tried a second, and a third, and twenty-seventh time, they always came back to Recursion Junction.

“It seems as though I am going somewhere else, but we always come back to the same place. What’s going on?” Laurie wondered.

They went around . . .   . . . and around . . .     . . . and around . . .       . . . and around so many times that Laurie lost count. ...

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