Lead Opt-in Pages: Landing Page Optimization and Design

Video Description

The secrets to 50%+ conversion rates for your squeeze page. Use ClickFunnels, OptimizePress or LeadPages for better SEO.

About This Video

  • How to write headlines and calls to action that will motivate your users to act instead of turning them off
  • How to triple your conversion rates by using the principles of readability, simplicity, perceived value, and clarity in your landing page design
  • How to run professional usability tests on a tight budget
  • How to build a landing page from scratch on a custom domain without writing a single line of code

In Detail

This is not a web development course. This course will not teach you CSS, HTML or JavaScript. This course will teach you the fundamental psychological principles of good landing page design, and it will help you understand the buyer's journey so you can design landing pages that convert better. I will also be teaching you how to test your designs so you can design final landing pages that will convert 20-30% more than your current website and landing pages. Good landing page design isn't just a nice thing to know – it's absolutely essential to the success of your online business. Whether you're in lead-gen, ecommerce or consulting, effective and clear landing page design can spell the difference between a positive and negative ROI. This course is not complicated, not expensive, conversion rate optimization is not time consuming and watching this course will make a differenence to your bottom line.

Product Information

  • Title: Lead Opt-in Pages: Landing Page Optimization and Design
  • Author(s): Zach Miller
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789616149