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THINK OF the people in life who just knock you out. The
ones who, when you meet them, have purpose, passion and
persistence. They are able to set a direction and follow
through without fear of what others might say or what the
world might think. These people don’t do this because their
boss says it is in the job description; because they need to
impress someone or as the result of a New Year’s resolution.
They steer a clear direction for themselves and others because
it is the right thing to do; and by having such clarity of
purpose they are able to make the right choices and help bring
other people on board for the journey.
It may be that you find yourself in a position where you are
fed up at work but cannot think of anything better to do, you
might have a dream but are too scared to take the first step, or
you might be faced with a range of choices and cannot see
how to pick the one that will help you achieve your goals.
This is where the personal leadership framework comes in. It
introduces a range of simple tools and techniques that help
you to be who you are and what you want to be.
By developing such personal rather than plastic leadership
you will be able to find your own purpose in life, make the
choices that help deliver the purpose, overcome those deep
momentum lead yourself
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hidden doubts and delusions that hinder progress and bring
others on board to help deliver your goal.
However, personal leadership isn’t something you get from
the back of a cereal box or off a bookshelf. This book will help
you think about how you might make improvements,
differing ways to approach a situation and how to understand
other people’s leadership preferences. The key thing is that
the book can only ever offer ideas – it can never offer
solutions. Personal leadership is just that – it is personal, and
as such the journey is a private one.
The choices you make (or don’t make) are the single most
important element of leading yourself or others. But choice is
often the thing that we think least about, and we are rarely
taught how to use it with real focus and wisdom.
From a young age, many of us fall into the trap of thinking
we don’t own the choices we make. We use phrases such
as ‘they made me do it’, ‘I can’t help saying that’, or ‘it was
my parents’ fault’. True – these may well have influenced the
way that choices are made – but this doesn’t mean that we
don’t have the ability to change those choices. The essence
of leading yourself and others lies in understanding the
choices you make and then being prepared to learn how to
change them. By taking this first step it becomes possible to
truly develop how you lead yourself, and in due course lead
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Personal leadership choices
Regardless of whether you’re a parent, manager, aspiring
career climber or student, there are six core choices that
influence how we lead ourselves and others:
1 how we actually make choices;
2 how we set direction;
3 how we discard false assumptions;
4 how we become more adaptive;
5 how we build relationships;
6 how we build shared success.
In most cases people make these decisions tacitly – without
thinking and often driven by the curse of habit and condi-
tioning. The road to developing our personal leadership means
that we must step back and look again at how we deal with
these six steps. Once we have understood this, we can then
rethink what choices we would like to make and embark on a
reconditioning process to enable us to make the optimum
In work as in life, there’s a progression. To be successful you
need to be able to take others with you. This starts with
learning to lead yourself. Once you have demonstrated that
you’re able to lead yourself effectively by the things you say
and do, then you move into a position where you are leading
others – possibly as a team leader. As you progress through
the ranks in this guise you may find yourself stepping up to
the next level, where you are asked to lead other leaders – to
momentum lead yourself
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