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Leadership: A Master Class - High Performance Leadership

Video Description

George Kohlrieser is a former hostage negotiator and current professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at IMD, and author of the internationally bestselling book, Hostage At The Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance. Kohlrieser and Goleman reveal the latest research and practice behind high performance leadership, bonding, and managing conflict. This Hour-long Video Includes Ten Sections:

  • Using The Mind's Eye

  • Leading Through Change

  • The Art Of Relationships: Attachment And Bonding

  • The Power Of Language

  • Put The Fish On The Table: Managing Conflict

  • Insights Into Negotiation

  • How A Leader Builds Trust

  • The Bullseye Transaction

  • Positivity Matters For High Performance Leaders

  • Key Takeaways