Leadership for Older Adults

Book description

This study tells the tale of two retirement organizations that reflect common leadership issues throughout the western world, issues that are emerging in many developing countries and have yet to be experienced in others. Wherever rapid population ageing is coupled with a view of old people as useless and a burden, challenging questions arise: how do we develop the resources and leadership potential of our ageing population? How do we turn old age from an expensive wasteland into a fertile period of growth and development?

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Part I: Introduction to Leadership for Older Adults
    1. 1 Leadership Challenge of a New Age
      1. This New Age
      2. Empowerment
      3. The Changing Nature of Retirement
      4. Changing Needs and Capacities of Retirees
      5. Volunteerism in the Age of Social Transformation
      6. The Challenge: Developing Seniors as Leaders
      7. The Biggest Barrier—Ageism
      8. The Possibilities of Age
      9. Why Study Seniors’ Centers?
      10. Nature and Significance of This Book’s Contribution
    2. 2 Leadership in the Third Age: Who’s in Charge Now?
      1. What Is Leadership?
      2. Overview of the Literature on Leadership
      3. What Do We Really Know About Leadership?
      4. What Makes a Great Leader Great?
      5. Leadership Styles
      6. Leadership and Organizational Theory
      7. Leadership Styles and Assumptions About Human Nature
      8. The Context of Leadership in the Third Age
      9. The Concept of Shared Servant Leadership
    3. 3 Prelude to Organizational Change
      1. Mapping the Structure of an Organization
      2. Incorporating Culture into the Framework
      3. The Context of Retirement Organizations
      4. A Tradition of Ethnography
      5. Interpreting the Culture of Leadership
  10. Part II: Portraits of Leaders and Leadership in Action
    1. 4 Carnegie Hall: Portraits of Power and What We Can Learn
      1. In the Beginning …
      2. Leaders Past and Present
      3. Background and Current Activity
      4. Organizational Structure
      5. Welcome to Carnegie Hall
      6. The Meaning of Life: Beliefs, Values, and Hidden Assumptions
      7. What the Story Tells Us About Empowering Seniors
    2. 5 Centennial Center: Portraits of Power and What We Can Learn
      1. A Place for Seniors
      2. In the Beginning …
      3. Profile of Professional Leadership
      4. Organizational Structure
      5. Membership Profile
      6. Welcome to Centennial Center
      7. The Meaning of Life: Beliefs, Values, and Hidden Assumptions
      8. What the Story Reveals About Power and Conflict
    3. 6 Three Leaders and How They Found Their Feet
      1. Profiles of Leaders
      2. Are Leaders Really Born or Are They Made?
      3. Relations of Power: Empowerment or Domination?
      4. Relations of Power Between Seniors and Professionals
  11. Part III: The Practice of Leadership
    1. 7 Creating a Culture of Leadership
      1. Climbing to the Top
      2. A New Mandate for Seniors’ Organizations
      3. The Chemistry of Change
      4. Sharing the Power
      5. Creating Empowering Relationships
      6. Implementing a Program of Leadership Development
      7. The Role of Education in the Emergence of Seniors as Leaders
    2. 8 Transforming Leadership
      1. Leadership Qualities
      2. Leadership Skills
      3. Leadership Styles
      4. Leader Language
      5. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs
    3. 9 Back to New Basics
      1. Facilitating Learning: The Three E’s
      2. Technical Adaptations for Older Adult Learners
      3. Principles of Adult Learning
      4. Principles of Leadership: The Secrets of Goose Leadership
      5. How to Conduct Effective Workshops
      6. The Role of the Workshop Leader
      7. How to Generate Energy
      8. Leadership and the Quality of Excellence
      9. The Final Challenge
  12. References
  13. Index

Product information

  • Title: Leadership for Older Adults
  • Author(s): Sandra A. Cusack, Wendy J. Thompson
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781135062248