Chapter 29

Is It Really Just an e-Reader?

When I first started working with the ATTACK acronym, I got to K and wondered what that section title could be. What started with K? From somewhere in the recesses of my mind, the word “kindle” popped up. “Kindle?” I thought. “Isn’t that an e-reader from Amazon? What does that have to do with leadership? Doesn’t ‘kindle’ mean to start a fire?” I mean, just how many ways can I say, “Light a fire under them”? Hmm, maybe courageous leaders start fires under their people. Nah, that’s just too obvious, and about as cheesy as an extra-large pizza.

If starting a fire was the only definition, it might have messed up this whole section. However, kindling also means creating new life, inspiring or building passion. That is what this section is about—giving new life to your leadership and to those you lead; inspiring your people to accomplish more and do better. You will notice that I didn’t say flame-throwing new relationships; I said kindling new relationships. Kindling means you start small and build up. It is more about a spark than it is about a torch.

Giving new life, inspiring, and building passion: therein lies the high octane fuel that drives every concept covered in this book. Even the habit of playing well with others falls flat without inspiration and energy. When productivity and profit are in full bloom, if there is no inspiration, then there are problems.

Sitting in a meeting, I heard an executive phrase this idea beautifully. She said, ...

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