Leadership Lessons from Dad: Father always knows best!

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Recognizing the good advice our fathers gave us is one of the greatest learning experiences leaders can have. Leadership Lessons from Dad was written to help leaders today use some of Dad's wisdom and apply it in the workplace. These valuable lessons will serve as the foundation of your development as a leader. They also will help you guide employees and your organization to be better prepared for the challenges ahead. The book contains 21 ageless lessons that typically take many years to learn and apply to virtually any situation you will face. Each lesson is covered in a separate section and includes an inspirational summary statement and leadership tips.

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  3. About the Leadership Lessons from Life Series
  4. Introduction
  5. Leadership Lesson #1 Be honest.
    1. Leadership Tips  Set the example for honesty in the workplace.
  6. Leadership Lesson #2 Have integrity.
    1. Leadership Tips  The organization itself has to clearly state the importance of integrity at every level, and exemplify it consistently.
  7. Leadership Lesson #3 Build trust.
    1. Leadership Tips  Stress that trust is an important element in any relationship, and most importantly, a professional one.
  8. Leadership Lesson #4 Work hard.
    1. Leadership Tips  Make sure that employees know that you recognize all their hard work and effort to get the job done. Convey your appreciation frequently.
  9. Leadership Lesson #5 Stand up for yourself.
    1. Leadership Tips  Consider establishing a “hotline” or e-mail mailbox for employees who want to talk (even anonymously) about organizational problems or concerns.
  10. Leadership Lesson #6 Obey the rules.
    1. Leadership Tips  Make sure that all the formal rules of the organization are written down and distributed to each employee.
  11. Leadership Lesson #7 Experience is the best teacher.
    1. Leadership Tips  Seek the advice of those more experienced than you.
  12. Leadership Lesson # 8 Make your own way in the world.
    1. Leadership Tips  Make sure that each individual employee understands the requirements of his or her job.
  13. Leadership Lesson # 9 Take care of your family.
    1. Leadership Tips  Try to get your organization to sponsor activities and programs for employees and their families that will help them maintain a healthy work/life balance.
  14. Leadership Lesson # 10 Be determined.
    1. Leadership Tips  Define what is required for every goal and opportunity in the organization, and communicate these details to all employees.
  15. Leadership Lesson # 11 Don’t skip the School of Hard Knocks.
    1. Leadership Tips  Help people tackle challenges and solve problems, but don’t make them dependent on you to fix everything.
  16. Leadership Lesson #12 Learn how to do things right.
    1. Leadership Tips  Make sure that the requirements and performance standards for each job are understood by those performing the duties.
  17. Leadership Lesson #13 Do the right things.
    1. Leadership Tips  Be sure that everyone in the organization understands the difference between doing things right and doing the right things.
  18. Lesson # 14 Show respect.
    1. Leadership Tips  Develop policies and practices in your organization that address issues arising from lack of respect. Make sure they are understood and adhered to.
  19. Leadership Lesson # 15 Stick to your convictions.
    1. Leadership Tips  Make sure that the organization’s values and principles are clearly established and communicated to all employees.
  20. Leadership Lesson # 16 Take responsibility.
    1. Leadership Tips  Make sure that each person you lead understands his or her job responsibilities.
  21. Leadership Lesson # 17 Listen to others.
    1. Leadership Tips  Leaders need to reassure employees that their ideas and opinions are important to the organization. A good way to start the process is to ask, “What do you think about this?”
  22. Leadership Lesson # 18 Keep your word.
    1. Leadership Tips  Think about just how important your words are to those you lead.
  23. Leadership Lesson # 19 Develop resilience.
    1. Leadership Tips  Listen to people. Let them express how they feel about disappointments at work.
  24. Leadership Lesson # 20 Develop self-confidence.
    1. Leadership Tips  Publicly recognize employees who are doing a good job, and pay special attention to work teams.
  25. Leadership Lesson # 21 Have faith in others.
    1. Leadership Tips  Let your people know that you believe in them.
  26. Summary
  27. About the Author

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  • Title: Leadership Lessons from Dad: Father always knows best!
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  • Release date: January 2006
  • Publisher(s): HRD Press
  • ISBN: 9780874258769