Leadership Skills for Project Managers

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Chosen from the best of Project Management Journal ® and PM Network®, the articles reprinted in this volume revolve around the nature of the project management challenge, the skills required of effective project management practitioners, and some of the important leadership and management principles. Taken together, they offer a comprehensive and thorough look at the immense leadership challenges and skills necessary for successfully navigating the minefields of project management.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Introduction to the Project Management Institute’s Reprint Series
  3. Introduction to Leadership Skills for Project Managers
  4. Profile of Effective Project Managers
    1. Characteristics of the Project Leadership Situation
    2. Characteristics of an Effective Project Leader
    3. Developing the Right Stuff
      1. References
        1. Bibliography
  5. What It Takes to Be a Good Project Manager
    1. Study of Project Manager Problems and Skills
    2. Problems in Managing Projects
    3. Project Manager Skills
    4. Skills and Problems: Fundamentally Interconnected
      1. References
        1. Bibliography
  6. Selecting Project Managers: An Integrated List of Predictors
    1. A Profile for Selection Purposes
    2. Screening Specifications
      1. Basic Academic Training
      2. Practical Experience and On-the-Job Training
    3. Remarks
      1. References
        1. Bibliography
  7. Project Leadership: Understanding and Consciously Choosing Your Style
    1. Critical Dimensions of Information and Decision Authority
    2. Four Leadership Styles
    3. Participative Management
    4. Delegation
    5. Pressures Affecting Leadership
      1. Problem Attributes
      2. Leader Personality
      3. Organizational/Group Pressures
      4. Flexibility
    6. Examples of the Model in Use
      1. Case Examples for One Project Leader
    7. Findings from Personal Experience
    8. Overview: Implications for Your Leadership Style
      1. References
        1. Bibliography
  8. Developing Project Management Skills
    1. Objective and Method
    2. What Skills Do Project Managers Need?
      1. Interpersonal Skills and Leadership
      2. Technical Skills
      3. Administrative Skills
    3. How Learnable Are These Skills?
    4. How Do Organizations Train and Develop Project Managers?
      1. Implications for Managers and Professional Development Specialists
    5. Suggestions for Developing Project Management Skills
    6. A Final Note
      1. Endnotes
      2. References
        1. Bibliography
  9. Learning to Lead, to Create Quality, to Influence Change in Projects
    1. The Challenge
    2. Learn to Do Without
    3. Simulation Creation
    4. On Learning
    5. Growing Project Managers
    6. Our Learning
    7. Summary
      1. References/Endnotes
        1. Bibliography
  10. Situational Leadership in a Project/Matrix Environment
    1. Purpose
    2. Method
      1. Situational Assessment
      2. Assessment of Present Skill Level
      3. Areas Targeted for Management Development
    3. Results
      1. Areas Targeted for Management Development
      2. Dimensions Requiring Decreases in Behavior Level
      3. Dimensions Requiring Increases in Skill Level
      4. Dimensions Requiring No Change in Behavior Level
    4. Conclusion
      1. References
        1. Bibliography
  11. The Project Manager as Team Builder: Creating an Effective Team
    1. Tools for the Project Manager
    2. Characteristics of an Effective Team
      1. Appropriate Leadership
      2. Suitable Team Membership
      3. Team Commitment
      4. Team Climate
      5. Team Achievement
      6. Clear Roles within Corporation/Agency
      7. Effective Work Methods and Procedures
      8. Team Organization
      9. Critiquing without Rancor
      10. Individual Development
      11. Creative Capacity
      12. Inter-Group Relationships
    3. How Does a Project Manager Become a Team Builder?
    4. Stages of Team Development
      1. Stage One: Testing
      2. Stage Two: Infighting
      3. Stage Three: Getting Organized
      4. Stage Four: Mature Closeness
    5. The Benefits and Rewards of Team Building
      1. Addressing the Cycles of Change
    6. Summary and Conclusion
      1. References
        1. Bibliography
    7. Appendix: Characteristics of an Effective Team
  12. Design of Project Management Systems from Top Management’s Perspective
    1. Methodological Observations
    2. Project Management versus Project Portfolio Management
    3. Key Top Management Tasks and Roles
    4. Project Characteristics and Project Management Methods
    5. Top Management Approaches to Project Management
    6. Rules, Systems of Rules, and Meta-Rules
    7. Conclusion
    8. Appendix
      1. Sample Questions for the Interviews
      2. Survey Design
      3. References
        1. Bibliography
  13. Organizational Culture and Project Leader Effectiveness
    1. Focus
    2. Organizational Culture and Project Management
      1. Purpose of Culture
      2. How Culture Is Communicated
      3. Culture and Its Relevance to Project Managers
      4. Culture Types and Characteristics
      5. The Jungian Framework for Understanding Culture
    3. Identifying Characteristics of Culture
      1. Clan Culture—Intel Corporation
      2. Market Culture—Proctor and Gamble (P&G)
      3. Hierarchical Culture—“Meridian Telephone Company”
      4. Adhocracy Culture—Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M)
    4. Identifying Culture Types
    5. Strategies for Managing Cultures
      1. Clan Culture
      2. Market Culture
      3. Hierarchical Culture
      4. Adhocracy Culture
    6. Creating a Team Culture
      1. Countercultures
    7. Summary
      1. References
        1. Bibliography
  14. PMI’S Tools for Training
    1. Project Management Casebook
    2. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge™
    3. Interactive PMBOK™ Guide
    4. PMBOK™ Review Package
    5. Managing Projects Step-by-Step
    6. PMBOK™ Q&A
    7. Project Management Institute Proceedings Library Cd-Rom
    8. Project Management Institute Publications Library Cd-Rom
    9. PMI Book of Project Management Forms
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Product information

  • Title: Leadership Skills for Project Managers
  • Author(s): Jeffrey W. Trailer, Jeffrey EDITORS’ CHOICE SERIES Series Editors: Pinto
  • Release date: January 1998
  • Publisher(s): Project Management Institute
  • ISBN: 1880410494