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Leadership Strategies for the Four Stages of Change: Moving People to Commitment

Book Description

Change is the only constant in life today. You may try to understand and react to the changes in your work and personal lives in a positive and productive manner, but sometimes you can feel overwhelmed and confused about how to assist other people. Laura Stack shows you how you can help your employees navigate the upcoming changes they will face.

  • Understand the nature of change.

  • Determine why change is so stressful for you and your staff.

  • Describe the characteristics of the four stages of change.

  • Evaluate where other people fall in the change cycle.

  • Discover leadership strategies to help others move through each stage more quickly.

The skills you learn will help you confront current changes with self-assurance. You'll experience a renewed positive attitude to deal with impending future changes. And you'll hear specific strategies to help you walk your employees confidently through the next round of changes.