The Customized Half-Day Version
Each of the units in the two-day workshop can be used as stand-alone units. In general, two com-
petencies (two units) can be shared in a half-day session, but check the timing of teaching notes in
the two-day version for actual times. Remember to adjust your discussion of the agenda and ob-
jectives to reflect the competencies you have chosen.
What to Do Next
Build a detailed plan for preparing for this session, including schedule and room reservations,
invitations, supply list, teaching notes, and time estimate.
Plan how to implement an Action Plan for the learners, using chapter 9 as a guide.
Implement these plans.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the program using the ideas in chapter 4.
Figure 6-1.
Half-Day Program 33
Figure 6-2.
Figure 6-3.
Half-Day Program 34
Figure 6-4.
Figure 6-5.
Half-Day Program 35
Figure 6-6.
Figure 6-7.
Half-Day Program 36
Figure 6-8.
Figure 6-9.
Half-Day Program 37

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