What to Do Next
Using the material in chapter 2 as a guide, build a detailed plan to prepare for this session,
including schedule and room reservations, invitations, supply list, teaching notes, and time es-
Plan how to implement an Action Plan for the learners, using chapter 9 as a guide.
Implement these plans.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the program, using the ideas presented in chapter 4.
Consider follow-up sessions or “alumni” meetings to encourage learners in their leadership
Figure 8-1.
Two-Day Program 70
Figure 8-2.
Figure 8-3.
Two-Day Program 71
Figure 8-4.
Figure 8-5.
Two-Day Program 72
Figure 8-6.
Figure 8-7.
Two-Day Program 73
Figure 8-8.
Figure 8-9.
Two-Day Program 74

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