Leadership Trust: Build It, Keep It

Book description

This book helps leaders create a common language and understanding around issues of trust that show up in the organizational environment. It's important for leaders to be clear on how they are experiencing a situation that's causing a lack of trust before they initiate discussions on trust itself. Leaders need to be grounded in the observable actions or behaviors that are affecting their willingness to interact. To identify these behaviors, this book looks at interpersonal trust through factors of perceived trustworthiness, or dimensions of trust. Next, leaders need to prepare for and engage in trust-advancing conversations. This book provides some examples of initiating both individual and team-level trust conversations around specifi c issues that deal with ability, integrity, and loyalty. You'll learn to choose between sharing performance feedback and initiating deeper trust conversations.

Product information

  • Title: Leadership Trust: Build It, Keep It
  • Author(s): Christopher Evans
  • Release date: October 2015
  • Publisher(s): Center for Creative Leadership
  • ISBN: 9781604917086