Leading Beyond Change

Book description

This guide shows readers how to transform a traditional organization into an evolutionary one with a framework and mindset that offer a new way of leading and approaching change.

Now more than ever, society is demanding change, and organizations are being asked to shift into more conscious and agile business practices. Yet, most of what people believe about leadership, effective workplaces, and how to create lasting change is either incomplete or outright incorrect. And even if the desire to change is there, understanding of how to achieve it is elusive.

This book holds the key. It introduces the Shift Evolutionary Leadership Framework (SELF), which helps leaders create the understanding and application needed to evolve high performance. At the core of the book are dozens of business patterns that cut across seven dimensions of organizational functioning. The traps of traditional organizations are contrasted with the high-performance practices of evolutionary organizations. Authors Michael Sahota and Audree Tata Sahota explain the steps of leading beyond change—evolving beyond servant leadership to make the inner shift needed to unlock the practical skills and techniques.

Whether readers call this shift business agility, Teal Agility, evolutionary, or the future of work, it is possible to create high-performing organizations filled with energized people who are able to surf the waves of change.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Part One. Starting the Journey
    1. 1. An Invitation to the Extraordinary
    2. 2. Setup for Success
    3. 3. Leading: The Evolution of Leadership
    4. 4. Beyond: From Traditional to Evolutionary
    5. 5. Change: A Radically Different Journey
    6. 6. Getting the Most from Patterns
  7. Part Two. Patterns for Leading Beyond Change
    1. 7. Unlearning Reality: Can You Handle the Truth?
      1. Pattern 7.1 From Denial to Discovering Reality
      2. Pattern 7.2 From Learning to Unlearning
      3. Pattern 7.3 From the Problem Is out There to the Solution Is in Here
    2. 8. Getting Results: Beyond Organizational Survival
      1. Pattern 8.1 From “We Are OK” to Thriving in a Complex World
      2. Pattern 8.2 From Traditional Management to Knowledge Workers
      3. Pattern 8.3 From Business as Usual to High-Performance Organizations
    3. 9. The Truth about Your Organizational Culture
      1. Pattern 9.1 From Customer First to Employee First
      2. Pattern 9.2 From Oppression to Enablement
      3. Pattern 9.3 From Ignoring Culture to Understanding Culture
      4. Pattern 9.4 From Values on Posters to “Culture Follows Leadership”
    4. 10. It’s All about the People
      1. Pattern 10.1 From Attracting Talent to Caring about People
      2. Pattern 10.2 From Fear and Stress to Psychological Safety
      3. Pattern 10.3 From Status and Domination to Equal Voice
      4. Pattern 10.4 From Disengagement to Engagement
      5. Pattern 10.5 From Strengths Development to Self-Development
    5. 11. The Paradox of Power
      1. Pattern 11.1 From Exercising Power to Leading through Influence
      2. Pattern 11.2 From Serving Goals to Serving Purpose
      3. Pattern 11.3 From Command and Control to Letting Go of Control
      4. Pattern 11.4 From Eliminating Hierarchy to Increasing Freedom
      5. Pattern 11.5 From Autonomous to Interdependent
      6. Pattern 11.6 From Self-Organization to Responsibility
      7. Pattern 11.7 From Empowerment to Sharing Decisions
      8. Pattern 11.8 From Giving Orders to Using the Advice Process
    6. 12. Organizational Evolution
      1. Pattern 12.1 From Big Bang Transformation to Navigating Complexity
      2. Pattern 12.2 From Strategic Plans to Evolving Culture
      3. Pattern 12.3 From Urgency to Desire
      4. Pattern 12.4 From Rollout Plans to Local Evolution
      5. Pattern 12.5 From Changing Structures to Evolving People
      6. Pattern 12.6 From Leadership Support to Leadership Leadership
      7. Pattern 12.7 From Resistance to Invitation
      8. Pattern 12.8 From Mandate to Inspiration
    7. 13. Evolutionary Leadership
      1. Pattern 13.1 From Managing People to Valuing People
      2. Pattern 13.2 From Outcomes to Developing Leaders
      3. Pattern 13.3 From Using Authority to Leading by Example
      4. Pattern 13.4 From Unaware to Conscious
      5. Pattern 13.5 From Doing to Being
      6. Pattern 13.6 From Leadership Development to Self-Evolution
      7. Pattern 13.7 From Changing the Organization to Peace with the Ego
  8. Part Three. Integration and Application
    1. 14. Leading: Your Evolutionary Journey
    2. 15. Beyond: Moving into the Beyond
    3. 16. Change: Evolving Your Organization
    4. 17. Application Tips and Traps
    5. 18. Continuing the Journey
  9. Appendix: SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership Framework (SELF)
  10. References
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. Index
  13. About the Authors
  14. About the Illustrator

Product information

  • Title: Leading Beyond Change
  • Author(s): Michael Sahota, Audree Tara Sahota
  • Release date: August 2021
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781523093489