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Leading Change: TRAINING

Book Description

If you ever have to design new employee orientation programs at the organizational or departmental level, here's a guide that will make the process much easier and help you solve the most common challenges you are likely to face.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. The ASTD Trainer’s WorkShop Series
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction: How to Use This Book Effectively
    1. The Value of an Effective Training Program on Leading Change
    2. Designing Two Types of Training Programs
    3. How to Use This Workbook Most Effectively
    4. What’s in This Workbook and on the CD?
    5. Icons
    6. What to Do Next
  5. How Organizational Change Affects Us
    1. The Nature of Change
    2. The Forces for Change
    3. Exploring the Emotional Impact of Change
    4. Governing Assumptions about Organizational Change
    5. What to Do Next
  6. Assessing the Organization’s Environment
    1. Structured Interviews
    2. Focus Groups
    3. Written Surveys
    4. Questions to Explore in Your Research
    5. What to Do Next
  7. Turning People On to Learning
    1. The Fundamentals of Adult Learning
    2. Supporting the Transfer of Training
    3. Designing Effective Training Programs
    4. Facilitating Versus Teaching
    5. What to Do Next
  8. Evaluating Training Programs
    1. Level 1: Participant Reaction and Intention
    2. Level 2: Participant Learning
    3. Level 3: Behavior Change
    4. Level 4: Impact and Results
    5. Level 5: Return-on-Investment
    6. What to Do Next
  9. Two-Hour Executive Briefing on Change
    1. Training Objectives
    2. Materials
    3. Preparations
    4. Two-Hour Sample Agenda: Executive Briefing on Change
    5. What to Do Next
  10. Workshops for Managers and Supervisors
    1. One-Day Leading Change Workshop for Managers and Supervisors
    2. Half-Day Follow-Up Leading Change Workshop for Managers and Supervisors
    3. What to Do Next
  11. Workshops for Employees
    1. One-Day Leading Change Workshop for Employees
    2. Half-Day Follow-Up Leading Change Workshop for Employees
    3. What to Do Next
  12. Learning Activities
    1. Using the Accompanying CD
    2. Tips for Trainers
    3. Learning Activity 9-1: Perceptions of Change
    4. Learning Activity 9-2: Experiencing Personal Change
    5. Learning Activity 9-3: Guiding People through the Change Journey
    6. Learning Activity 9-4: Introducing and Leading a Change
    7. Learning Activity 9-5: The Forces Causing Change
    8. Learning Activity 9-6: The Sources of Change Resistance
    9. Learning Activity 9-7: Identifying the Perceived Losses and Exploring the Opportunities from a Proposed Change
    10. Learning Activity 9-8: Strengthening Change Resilience
    11. What to Do Next
  13. Training Tools
    1. Training Tool 10-1: Training Room Configuration/Layout
    2. Training Tool 10-2: Ah Ha! Sheet
    3. Training Tool 10-3: Goal-Setting Worksheet
    4. Training Tool 10-4: Sample Training Program Evaluation
    5. Training Tool 10-5: The Parking Lot
    6. Training Tool 10-6: The Question Board
    7. Training Tool 10-7: Selecting Group Leaders
  14. Using the Compact Disc
    1. Contents of the CD
    2. Computer Requirements
    3. Printing from the CD
    4. Adapting the PowerPoint Slides
    5. Showing the PowerPoint Presentations
  15. For Further Reading
    1. Adult Learning and Training Program Design/Evaluation
    2. Leading Change
    3. Resilience
    4. Expectancy Theory of Motivation
  16. About the Authors