Chapter 5Impact Drivers

Deutser has been built on the firm belief that finding and leveraging the positive side, even in the most serious and grave environments, is what separates great companies and leaders from merely good ones. When we understand at a fundamental level, and deeply embrace what is central, enduring, and distinct about our organization, others will join in work with shared passion to encourage and ultimately achieve alignment. What makes a positive culture? Leaders in touch with their people and people aligned with the organizational expectations.

Most organizations overlook the impact of culture. One of our objectives is always to help leaders understand their culture for what it is and to be able to identify what they want and need it to be. We work to bridge the gap between the current and future state. In our work, we have taken a different tack from most consultants, who primarily focus on identifying problems and correcting them. In our process, leaders emphasize positivity and focus on what is and what is possible in equally positive ways. That is why we start with the box. When we return to our shared identity, characteristics, values, and traditions, it helps us to genuinely connect through what is shared and similar rather than to disconnect through what is different and troublesome. Some might scoff at positive psychology and the power of positive thinking, but I have seen how authentic positivity holds an organization's box together and gives it ...

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