Leading Forward: Successful Public Leadership Amidst Complexity, Chaos and Change (With Online Assessment)

Book Description

Explains the four dimensions of effective leadership for leaders in the public sphere

There is a wealth of advice available for corporate leaders, but little in the way of leadership guidance for those in government agencies. Leading Forward fills that gap by providing a development framework and assessment tool based on the four dimensions of effective leadership—empowerment, fairness, leaders, and supervisors. These four dimensions are critical competencies that leaders must develop in order to succeed now and in the future. Based on years of working with agency leaders at all levels of government and the latest assessment data from the Office of Personnel Management, this practical resource includes a review of the current core leadership competencies and a detailed look at the gaps between actual and expected execution.

  • Offers unique and uncommon leadership guidance for those in the public sector

  • Includes examples, exercises, techniques, and case studies, as well as interviews with past and current leaders

  • Ideal for government agency executives and students in leadership and professional development programs

Leading effectively in a government agency is different than leading in the private sphere. Leading Forward offers a practical and effective framework for developing great leaders for the public good.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Prologue
  6. Chapter One: Introduction
    1. Our Goal: Develop a Leadership Meta-Competencies Model and Short Assessment
    2. Four Leadership Meta-Competencies
    3. Differentiating Between Leaders and Managers
  7. Chapter Two: Agile Learning Capability
    1. Agile Learning Capability: The First Leadership Meta-Competency
    2. Passionately Learning
    3. Agilely Acquiring (and Applying) New Skills
    4. Creating a Learning Climate
  8. Chapter Three: Adept with Ambiguity
    1. Adept with Ambiguity: The Second Leadership Meta-Competency
    2. Adapting and Flexing in the Midst of Chaos
    3. Bouncing Back After Challenging Demands and Setbacks
    4. Demonstrating Calm Confidence Amidst Chaos and Ambiguity
  9. Chapter Four: Adroit at Thinking Strategically
    1. Adroit at Thinking Strategically: The Third Leadership Meta-Competency
    2. Skillfully Juggling Competing Demands and Incomplete or Inaccurate Information
    3. Thinking Beyond the Immediate Horizon
    4. Inspiring a Vision of the Future
  10. Chapter Five: Ambitious Drive to Execute
    1. Ambitious Drive to Execute
    2. Practicing Responsible Risk-Taking
    3. Influencing and Empowering Others
    4. Encouraging Others to Engage in Responsible Risk-Taking
  11. Chapter Six: Public Service Leadership Assessment and Personal Development Plan
    1. The Public Service Leadership Assessment
    2. Interpreting Your Public Service Leadership Assessment Scores
    3. Digging Deeper into the Four Adaptive Leadership Meta-Competencies
    4. Creating Your Leadership Development Plan
    5. Actions for Development and Leadership Competencies
    6. Recommended Assessments
    7. Leadership Development Plan
  12. Epilogue and Acknowledgments
  13. Appendix A: Four Themes and Five Independent Factors
  14. Appendix B: Suggested Reading
  15. References
  16. About the Authors
  17. Index

Product Information

  • Title: Leading Forward: Successful Public Leadership Amidst Complexity, Chaos and Change (With Online Assessment)
  • Author(s): John S. Lybarger, Tim A. Flanagan
  • Release date: March 2014
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118453742