Appendix B

Framework for Personal Leadership Communication Guide

1. Establishing competence and building trustworthiness
  • Competence
    • Clarity of purpose
      Specific change advocated
      Evidence of compelling need
      Broad implications; value represented
    • Credentials and vulnerabilities
  • Trustworthiness
    • Displaying empathy
      Expressing gratitude
      Acknowledging resistance
      Finding commonality in purpose
    • Willingness to be known
      Personal motivation, personal value
2. Creating shared context
  • History
  • Priority
  • Current reality (include barriers)
  • Reinforcing competence and trust
  • Articulating a broader perspective
3. Declaring and describing the future: an act of creation . . . 
  • Vivid picture, sensory-rich images
  • Stakes (If we do . . . If ...

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