Leading So People Will Follow

Book description

A unique take on leadership from a popular Forbes blogger and nationally-known leadership coach

Leading So People Will Follow explores the six leadership characteristics that inspire followers to fully support their leaders. Using Erika Andersen's proven framework, new leaders and veterans alike have increased their capacity for leading in a way that creates loyalty, commitment and results. Step by step, Andersen lays out six key attributes (far-sightedness, passion, courage, wisdom, generosity, and trustworthiness) and gives leaders the tools for developing them. This innovative book offers a practical guide for building the skills to become a truly 'followable' leader.

  • Filled with examples from forward-thinking organizations such as Apple, NBC Universal, Union Square Hospitality Group, and MTV Networks

  • Maps out the six attributes of leadership

  • Includes a free online Followable Leader assessment

  • Author Erika Andersen is one of Forbes' most popular bloggers and coaches some of the most successful leaders in America

Using self-assessments, real-world examples, and concrete tools, Leading So People Will Follow helps build timeless core skills that work for leaders in any field.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. More Praise for Leading So People Will Follow
  3. Title page
  4. Copyright page
  5. Dedication
  6. ONE: The Longing for Good Leaders
    1. Naming the Elements
    2. Fast-Forward
  7. TWO: Firesides and Folktales
    1. Drawing the Map
    2. What About You?
    3. Making This Real
  8. THREE: Farsighted
    1. Why Farsightedness Is Important
    2. How to Be Farsighted
    3. Reasonable Aspiration
    4. Envisioning a Possible Future
    5. Speaking with Clarity and Confidence
    6. What About Confidence?
    7. Speaking in Terms That Engage the Audience
    8. Start by Listening
    9. Speaking from a “We” Versus “I” Perspective
    10. Vision as a Filter for Action
    11. Talking to Yourself About Obstacles
    12. Build In Collaboration
  9. FOUR: Passionate
    1. How to Be Passionate
    2. To Thine Own Self Be True
    3. The Downside of Dogma
  10. FIVE: Courageous
    1. More Than Physical Courage
    2. Deciding, When You Must
    3. Why This Is Important to Us
    4. How to Be Courageous
    5. Avoiding Discomfort Can Backfire
    6. The Art of Apology
  11. SIX: Wise
    1. Balancing the First Three Attributes
    2. Do the Right Thing
    3. How Does This Look?
    4. Why We Look for Wisdom in Our Leaders
    5. How to Be Wise
    6. Curiosity  + Listening = The Beginning of Wisdom
    7. How We Learn from Experience
    8. How to Pull Back the Camera
  12. SEVEN: Generous
    1. What Is True Generosity?
    2. What About in Times of Scarcity?
    3. How to Be Generous
    4. What Gets in the Way?
    5. How to Share Power Well
    6. Why People Need to See This in Their Leaders
    7. Being Generous with Knowledge: How to Do It
    8. A Good Place to Start: Giving Positive Feedback
    9. Historical Necessity
    10. Testing Out Your Generosity
  13. EIGHT: Trustworthy
    1. The Foundational Attribute
    2. When There’s No Trust
    3. How to Get an Engaged, Committed Team
    4. How to Be Trustworthy
    5. Even Little Lies Are Lies
    6. All Lies Are Visible
    7. Cultivating Honesty
    8. Changing Course Well
    9. Think Before You Don’t Act
    10. Just Don’t Say It
    11. Back It Up
    12. Be Tough in Support of the Larger Goal
    13. Increasing Your Capability
    14. Results
  14. NINE: Friends for the Journey
    1. Finding a Wizard
    2. Well-Wishers Are Your Haven
    3. Wild Cards Are Just That
  15. TEN: Your Own Tale
    1. Reassess Your Current State
    2. Play to Your Strength
    3. Develop in Your Growth Areas
    4. As Our Story Ends … and Begins
  16. Epilogue
  17. Listening and Self-Talk for Leaders: Bonus Section
    1. Listening
    2. Managing Your Self-talk
  18. Acknowledgments
  19. The Author
  20. Index
  21. Learn More about Erika Andersen’s Books

Product information

  • Title: Leading So People Will Follow
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2012
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118379875