Leading the Epic Revolution: How CIOs Drive Innovation and Create Value Across the Enterprise

Book description

A must-read leadership guide for CIOs and executives whose careers depend on creating value and growth through continuous innovation

Innovation is the hot topic. Everyone's talking about it, but there seems to be a lot of misperceptions about getting it done. Innovating for Growth and Value is aimed at CIOs and other technology leaders in the modern enterprise. This insider's guide to innovation presents repeatable processes, detailed methodologies, and robust frameworks for innovation and continuous transformation in today's fast-paced business environments. It provides actionable programs for developing and successfully executing profitable and repeatable innovation strategies.

  • Focuses on specific critical areas where innovation is imperative

  • Features real-world stories and revealing anecdotes

  • Presents interviews from international companies such as Netflix, IBM, Cisco, Boeing, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, McKesson, Flextronics, and more

Without innovation, your company cannot compete and cannot survive. So the real question isn't whether to innovate or not. The real question is how to innovate and make innovation strategies work in the modern enterprise. Thoughtfully written and carefully researched, Innovating for Growth and Value grasps the central truth about innovation with a wealth of information made truly valuable for IT leaders and CIOs.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Foreword: Innovating for Continual Growth and Prosperity
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
    1. The Other Side of the Firewall: Understanding Your Company's Markets
    2. It's All about People
    3. Making the Case for Continuous Business Transformation
  9. Chapter 1: The Innovation Challenge
    1. The Psychology of Innovation
    2. An Expanding Range of Influence
    3. Speed and Failure Are Essential in Continuous Innovation Strategies
    4. Fail Fast and Fail Smart
    5. The New Speed of Change
    6. Focus on the Business Challenge, Not on the Technology
    7. In the Modern Enterprise, True Innovation Takes Many Shapes and Forms
    8. Notes
  10. Chapter 2: Governance Trumps Process
    1. Being a Leader of Innovation at an Innovative Enterprise
    2. Great Companies Avoid the “Me Too” Syndrome When Innovating
    3. Cycles of Innovation and Adoption
    4. Good CIOs Are Leaders at All Stages of Innovation
    5. From Enabler to Innovator: The Evolving Image of the CIO
    6. Replacing Up and Down with Left to Right
    7. Creating a Culture of Innovation
    8. Converting Ideas into Successful New Products and Services
    9. Notes
  11. Chapter 3: Leveraging Multiple Skill Sets
    1. Networking and Connecting
    2. Overcoming Obstacles to Innovation
    3. Two Types of Thinking
    4. Overcoming Habits
    5. Breaking Through and Moving Forward
    6. Professor of Innovation
    7. Leveraging the Cloud and Thriving on Innovation
    8. Notes
  12. Chapter 4: Accelerating Innovation
    1. In the Modern Enterprise, IT Is the Backbone of Innovation
    2. Underlying Principles of Innovation
    3. A Practical Taxonomy of Innovation
    4. The Mouse in the Maze
    5. Managing Innovation Across the Enterprise
    6. Eight Action Steps for Driving Innovation
    7. Notes
  13. Chapter 5: Innovation Begins with Business Strategy
    1. The New Face of IT Executive Leadership
    2. Improvisational Skills Can Elevate Innovation Leadership Capabilities
    3. Blending Innovation and Operations
    4. Innovating in the Battle Against Cancer
    5. Focusing on Value Creation, Improved Margins, and Staying Ahead of the Trend Curve
    6. Escaping the Pull of the Past
  14. Chapter 6: Evolving Relationships Across the C-Suite
    1. From Captain to Coach, from Controlling to Enabling
    2. Connecting the Dots Between Innovation and Analytics
    3. Digging Deeper into Big Data
    4. Innovation in the Age of the Industrial Internet
    5. Moving Toward the Customer
    6. Lining Up the Innovation Roadmaps
    7. Designing Practical Innovation Strategies
    8. Managing Between Extremes
    9. Three Complementary Pairs of Roles
    10. Note
  15. Chapter 7: Why Credible Leadership Matters
    1. Do Not Hesitate to Be a Leader
    2. Sometimes Getting Out of the Way Is the First Step to Achieving Innovation
    3. Innovation Conundrum
    4. Accelerating Innovation Through Partnerships
    5. A Shifting Mindset
    6. Leading Innovation and Driving Transformation
    7. Managing the Merger of Culture and Technology
    8. Two Tiers of IT Innovation in the Modern Global Enterprise
    9. A Role Model for Innovation and Leadership
    10. The Next Big Wave: IT Value Creation
    11. Where Innovation Begins: Understanding the Goals and Objectives of the Business
    12. The Four Dimensions of Continuous Innovation and IT Transformation
    13. Building a Hybrid Platform for Continuous Innovation
    14. Making the Case for Top-Down Innovation in the Enterprise
    15. Avoiding “the Emperor Has No Clothes” Syndrome
    16. Note
  16. Chapter 8: Leveraging Social Collaboration to Drive Innovation
    1. Tangible Results Through Social Media
    2. Embracing the Social Workforce
    3. Putting Innovation in the Hands of Users
    4. Innovation and Social Collaboration
    5. Note
  17. Chapter 9: Living with Uncertainty
    1. Keep Your Eyes on the B2B Internet
    2. Trust, Freedom, and Responsibility: Keys to Transformational Leadership and Continuous Innovation
    3. Key Traits of Innovative IT Leaders
    4. Security Is Integral to IT Strategy
    5. Maintaining Credibility: You Have to Know When to Get Down in the Weeds
    6. Think Multiregional Before Committing to Global Markets
    7. Walking the Talk
    8. For Many Reasons, Now Is the Perfect Time to Be the CIO
    9. Revisiting the Relationship Between Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    10. The Emerging Ecosystem of Continuous Innovation and Transformation
    11. A Historic Moment
    12. Notes
  18. Recommended Reading
  19. Meet Our Sources
  20. About the Author
  21. About HMG Strategy, LLC
  22. Index

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  • Title: Leading the Epic Revolution: How CIOs Drive Innovation and Create Value Across the Enterprise
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118340479