Chapter 7

Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering

Promote excellence under “normal” circumstances instead of hero-behavior in “crisis” situations. (Lean subenabler 5.2.2)

Create a vision that draws and inspires the best people. (Lean subenabler 6.2.1)

Treat people as most valued assets, not as commodities. (Lean enabler 6.5)

7.1 Organization

Version 1.0 of LEfSE is organized into six Lean Principles, each listing several enablers, and each enabler listing several subenablers. The six Lean Principles are: Value, Map the Value Stream, Flow, Pull, Perfection, and Respect for People, numbered 1 to 6, respectively.

There are a total of 47 enablers and 147 subenablers. Thus, the total number of enablers and subenablers is 194, and all of them were counted individually during development (which is why some documents on the INCOSE LSE WG web page refer to 194 enablers). However, the 47 enablers should be understood only as mostly non-actionable headings for the listed detailed and actionable subenablers. In other words, LEfSE includes 147 actionable subenablers organized into six Lean Principles and listed under 47 topical headings.

The subenablers are be identified by three-digit numbers, where:

The first digit, “x,” designates the Lean Principle.

The second digit, “y,” designates an enabler (heading).

The third digit, “z,” designates an actionable subenabler.

Example: 1.2.5 denotes:

Lean Principle 1: Value
Enabler 2: Establish the Value of the End Product or System to the Customer. ...

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