Business Management / Healthcare Process Improvement
There are tens of billions of dollars being spent on construction of new healthcare facilities in
the U.S. today. Before spending another dime, healthcare executives should read this book and
learn how it’s possible to take as much as 40% of the building cost out before a shovel ever goes
in the ground.
—John Toussaint, MD, CEO, ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value
Given the chance to build new or expanded facilities and space is a unique opportunity to build
in efciency and patient-centered care from the start. Lean-Led Hospital Design is a fantastic
book that shows the reader exactly how to incorporate process design with space design in a
collaborative and iterative manner.
Mark Graban, Shingo Prize-winning Author of Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality,
Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement, Second Edition
This book provides useful insight as to how we can design care that fullls its obligation ‘to do
no harm’ and yet provide it in a cost-effective manner.
—John Bardis, Chairman, President, and CEO of MedAssets
There are many books on Lean management, but this one really sets itself apart in its clarity and
readability. Grunden and Hagood offer a thorough discussion of Lean management techniques
in building design.
Margaret F. Schulte, DBA, Bestselling Author of Healthcare Delivery in the USA
a work we’ve all been waiting for. a tremendous job consolidating this relatively new
body of knowledge into a practical, applicable application that will impact millions of people
enhancing value delivery by removing non-value-added waste from the patient experience.
Mike Orzen, Shingo Prize-winning Author of Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining
Your Lean Transformation
Instead of building new hospitals that import old systems and problems, the time has come to
reexamine many of our ideas about what a hospital should be. Can a building foster continuous
improvement? How can we design it to be exible and useful well into the future? How can we
do more with less?
Answering these questions and more, Lean-Led Hospital Design: Creating the Efcient
Hospital of the Future explains how hospitals can be built to increase patient safety and reduce
wait times while eliminating waste, lowering costs, and easing some of healthcare’s most
persistent problems. It supplies a simplied timeline of architectural planning—from start to
nishto guide readers through the various stages of the Lean design development philosophy,
including Lean architectural design and Lean work design. It includes numerous examples from
real healthcare facility design and construction projects, as well as interviews with hospital
leaders and architects.
ISBN: 978-1-4398-6828-7
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Lean-Led Hospital Design
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Hospital Design
Creating the Efficient Hospital of the Future
Naida Grunden and Charles Hagood
Foreword by Richard P. Shannon, MD
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