Chapter 14

Selecting the Right Projects

In This Chapter

arrow Generating improvement ideas

arrow Assessing their suitability

arrow Prioritising projects

The right leadership and management are needed to create the right environment, as we describe in Chapter 13, but how do you ensure you’re doing the right work?

Selecting the right areas in the business to focus on, especially when first starting up a Lean Six Sigma programme, will ensure early successes and build confidence.

Generating a List of Candidate Improvement Projects

You need to choose a portfolio of projects for launching your Lean Six Sigma programme – but where do you start? As Figure 14-1 demonstrates, so many opportunities seem to be available and so many problems and issues need addressing!

In fact, selecting the initial projects, along with selecting the right people to work on them, is a practical way of getting the leadership team involved early on in a Lean Six Sigma programme. A well-facilitated project selection workshop is an effective way to kick-start the approach. It gets the senior team working on things that they really care about and using some of the Lean Six Sigma tools in action (for example, a paired comparison, ...

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