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Lean Six Sigma Service Excellence

Book Description

Current books on Lean Six Sigma for service or transactional organizations either require a significant technical background, or are rather conceptual in nature and lack the detail of the tools, how to use them, and the practical skill-building exercises needed to give readers the ability to actually implement Lean Six Sigma in their organizations. This book fills the void.

Written for the typical business professional, Lean Six Sigma Service Excellence effectively translates the concepts of Lean Six Sigma from a manufacturing environment to a service delivery environment. It is a user friendly guide to successfully implementing Lean Six Sigma practices in non-manufacturing organizations. It is also an inexpensive path to Green Belt certification.

Mr. Taylor provides an overview of the Lean Six Sigma concepts and step-by-step examples of how to apply each of the relevant tools in practical situations. Next, readers will work through several problems to exercise their new found understanding. This learning approach of application and exercise should be of particular interest to those interested in, but unable to afford the large expense of most Lean Six Sigma training courses. Dedicated to executives and managers of service and transactional organizations, Lean Six Sigma Service Excellence emphasizes how productivity can be used as a distinctive competence for achieving and maintaining competitive advantage in non-manufacturing environments.