For many years it was a common belief among American business leaders that
it cost extra to make a quality product. For some companies, most notably
those in the American automobile industry, this mistaken belief led to shrink-
ing sales, lost market share, vanishing prots, and in a few cases almost to the
ultimate demise of the entire business enterprise. After suffering a few hard
lessons at the hands of global competitors, it is commonly accepted among
today’s titans of industry that outstanding product quality is not a luxury but
a necessary and integral ingredient for sustained business success. To ignore
product quality is considered folly, and a quick path to the unemployment line.
Unfortunately, some business leaders still contend that protecting employees
and the environment, and conducting their operations in a sustainable fashion
are barriers to business success. These myopic managers maintain that safety
and sustainability are extra work that require additional resources and divert
business efforts away from the primary job of building efficient and protable
operations. The purpose of this book is to dispel the myth that safety and
sustainability are contrary to business success. The hope is that after reading,
reecting upon, and applying the principles and approaches advocated in this
volume it will become eminently clear that any business person who ignores
safety and sustainability is as imprudent as one who ignores quality.
The keys to achieving safe, sustainable, and protable operations are inte-
grating and leveraging Lean methodologies in all areas of the business. Safety
and sustainability are not additional or separate work, but rather, they are the
way one runs aLean, Green, and Serene” enterprise. Lean, SHE (safety, health,
and environmental protection), and sustainability focus on similar objectives:
1. Eliminating accidents, incidents, waste, and losses
2. Increasing operational efficiency
3. Conducting business in a sustainable way that conserves resources and
reduces the business’s environmental footprint
xii ◾  Preface
By linking an organizations Lean, SHE, and sustainability processes,
natural synergy and efficiency are created that benefit all areas of the busi-
ness and offer the enterprise a real prospect of achieving sustained profit-
able growth, or, as is commonly expressed, “The opportunity to do well by
doing good.” However, as with any complex business endeavor, realizing the
vision of “Lean, Green, and Serene” is easier said than done. In other words,
the devil is in the details. Excellence in productivity, SHE, and sustainability
are not achieved by exhortations to do better, or by setting meaningless tar-
gets, but rather by doing the hard work to implement business systems that
systematically and relentlessly identify and eliminate risk, waste, and losses
from the workplace.
Many books and periodicals have been written on the theory of Lean
and the conceptual basis of SHE excellence and sustainability. However, few
resources are available that provide practical, detailed, real-world method-
ologies and tools for integrating these three disciplines and realizing safe,
sustainable, and profitable operations. My hope is that this book will be the
key for your organization that unlocks the vault containing the secret recipe
for safe, sustainable business success. This publication is the product of over
20 years of experience with implementing Lean, SHE, and sustainability pro-
cesses in the chemical and consumer products industries. I hope you find
the hints and lessons I share to be helpful for you and your organizations
journey toward “triple zero: zero accidents, zero incidents, and zero losses.
It is my firm belief that any organization that hopes to call itself great
must value people, the planet, and posterity. The “Lean, Green, and Serene
philosophy and approach detailed herein provide a path to organizational
greatness, where a business can do well financially by doing good for people
and the planet. I believe if you follow this less-traveled path you and your
organization will achieve sustained profitable growth. You, your family, your
fellow employees, the planet, and future generations will be glad that you
took up the challenge to be “Lean, Green, and Serene.

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