Virtually everything I have learned I have learned from others. This is cer-
tainly true of my knowledge related to Lean, SHE, and sustainability. My
first safety teachers were my parents and my siblings, to whom I am most
indebted. Without their frequent and timely intervention and sincere safety
admonitions in my formative years, my passion for safety and sustainability
may never have blossomed. This is doubly true for my father, Ed Averill,
who not only provided a healthy dose of fatherly advice, but as an industrial
hygienist and SHE professional for Mobil Oil provided me with an interest
in manufacturing and a passion for safety at a young age. As a novice pro-
fessional in the field following in his footsteps, he served as a much-valued
professional mentor.
I also learned much from many of the SHE and Lean professionals I have
trained and worked with over the years who were unselfish in their advice
and their willingness to engage me in lively, and Im sure at times tiresome,
debate on technical issues. Although they are too numerous to mention, I
will take the time to credit those who have had a significant impact on my
professional development, and on the crystallization of my thoughts related
to Lean, SHE, and sustainability. I am indebted to my graduate school
instructors and colleagues, Dr. Morton Corn, Dr. Charles Billings, and Dr.
Patrick Breysse of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I
am grateful to my professional colleagues and condants, Ned Berg (class-
mate and consultant), Bernie Silverstein (Brookhaven National Laboratory),
Chuck Brehm (American Cyanamid), and Alan Weikert (American Cyanamid
and W. L. Gore), who have always been available for advice and counsel.
I am most thankful to past colleagues at Unilever, Lou Piombino, Maria
Ruibal, and Dirk Lueders, who over the years served as a sounding board
for my ideas. I am particular indebted to Randy Mosebrook of Sun Products
Company, who provided helpful advice and support on this project. In the
area of Lean and TPM I am most grateful to Shinichi Shinotsuka, who served
xiv ◾  Acknowledgments
as my TPM/Lean instructor and sensei, and also to my fellow Unilever TPM
instructors, Edna DeFlavis, Cindy Rigby, and Mike Johnston, who spent long
weeks away from home leading instructors’ courses and living and breath-
ing the Lean life. To paraphrase Bernard of Chartres and Sir Isaac Newton, if
you find my work enlightening it is only because “like a dwarf it is only by
standing on the shoulders of giants that I have been able to see farther.
Thanks to my publisher, Taylor & Francis Group/Productivity Press, for its
belief in this project and willingness to back a young author. Finally, a hug
and heartfelt thanks to my wife, Joan, and my children, Brian and Caitlin,
for their support and understanding while I endeavored to write this book.
Many evenings and weekends they were left to fend on their own while I
hunkered down in the college library. Their words of encouragement were
the fuel that kept me going and the laptop humming.

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