Learn Adobe Photoshop CC for Visual Communication: Adobe Certified Associate Exam Preparation

Book description

This study guide uses text integrated with video to help you gain real-world skills that will get you started in your career in photography, graphics, or design and lays the foundation for taking the Photoshop ACA exam. A mix of project-based lessons, practical videos, and regular assessments throughout prepares you for an entry-level position in a competitive job market.

Adobe conducted research to identify the foundational skills students need to effectively communicate using digital media tools. Based on feedback from educators, design professionals, businesses, and educational institutions around the world, the objectives cover entry-level skill expectations for each topic. The Visual Communication Using Adobe Photoshop exam validates entry-level skills in communication corresponding to Photoshop software. The ACA exams have proved to be highly successful; Adobe reports that the total number of exams taken worldwide has reached one million since 2008.

To create this new product, Peachpit and Adobe Press have joined forces with team of outstanding instructors who have a great track record getting students certified: Rob Schwartz and his colleagues at BrainBuffet.com.

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Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Getting Started
    1. About This Product
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. Operating System Differences
    4. Installing the Software
    5. Accessing the Free Web Edition and Lesson Files
    6. Project Fonts
    7. Additional Resources
    8. Adobe Certification
    9. Resetting Preferences to Their Default Settings
  8. Chapter 1. Meet Photoshop
    1. Why We’re Here
      1. Have Fun
      2. Learn Adobe Photoshop Your Way
      3. Prepare for Industry Exams
      4. Develop Your Creative, Communication, and Cooperative Skills
    2. Getting to Know Photoshop
      1. The Welcome Screen
      2. The Photoshop Interface
      3. Working with the Workspace
      4. Creating Custom Workspaces
      5. Rearranging the Workspace
    3. Organizing Your Data
      1. A Place for Everything
      2. Back Up Often
    4. A Quick Word on Creative Cloud
    5. Let’s Get Going!
  9. Chapter 2. Fast Photo Fixes
    1. Cleaning Up Your First Image
      1. Opening Images
      2. Fixing Redeye
    2. Shrink, Sharpen, and Save for the Web
      1. Resize Images
      2. Sharpen Using Unsharp Mask
      3. Save Images for the Web
      4. Close Your Image
    3. Fix Color Balance
      1. Automatically Adjust White Balance
      2. Fix Redeye
    4. Basic Photo Restoration
      1. Flip or Rotate the Image
      2. Crop the Image
    5. Fix Color in Aged Photos
      1. Using Auto Color and Auto Tone
      2. Converting Images to Black and White
      3. Shrink, Sharpen, and Save
    6. Removing Dust and Scratches
      1. Open and Rotate the Image
      2. Shrink, Sharpen, and Save
    7. Perfecting Great Images
      1. Use Auto Tone to Improve Images
      2. Boost Color in an Image
      3. Shrink, Sharpen, and Save
      4. Wrapping Up
  10. Chapter 3. Restoring and Colorizing Damaged Photos
    1. Restore Damaged Photos
    2. Rotate and Straighten the Image
      1. Crop and Straighten the Image
      2. Adjust Levels Manually
      3. Use Content-Aware Fill
      4. Paint Perfection with the Spot Healing Brush
    3. Sharpen and Save
      1. Sharpen the Image Edges with Unsharp Mask
      2. Save as PSD
    4. Colorize Black-and-White Images
      1. Choose a Color Mode
      2. Work with Layers
      3. Brush Color on an Image
      4. Tweak Layer Settings and Color for a Natural Look
      5. Erase Mistakes
      6. Shift Colors
      7. Name Layers
    5. Add More Layers and Colors
      1. Organize Layers
      2. Work with Layer Groups
      3. Unlock the Background Layer
      4. Reorder Layers
      5. Save Your Work
    6. From Photo Editing to Designing
      1. Expand the Canvas
      2. Add a Solid Color Fill Layer
      3. Add Text
      4. Edit Type Layers
      5. Work with Advanced Character Settings
    7. Save for Multiple Purposes
      1. Save as a PSD Document
      2. Merge and Flatten Layers
      3. Duplicate and Merge Layers
      4. Export Layers as Separate Files
      5. Save for Social Media Use
  11. Chapter 4. Event Flyer
    1. Designing for Print
    2. Create a Print Document
      1. Soft Proof Colors
      2. Work with Rulers and Guides
    3. Import Images
      1. Browse with Bridge
      2. Work with RAW images
      3. Understand Smart Objects
      4. Create a Solid Fill Layer
    4. Blend the Image
      1. Create a Layer Mask
      2. Fade the Image Using a Mask
    5. Master Text
      1. Design with Type
      2. Tweak Character Settings
      3. Add Event Information
      4. Align Layers
      5. Add Vertical Text
    6. Enhance Designs Using Creative Tools
      1. Solve Design Problems with Styles
      2. Format the Flyer Headline
      3. Save your work!
    7. Working with Filters
      1. Add Smart Filters
      2. Adjust Smart Filters
      3. Smart Filter Masks
      4. Explore Further
    8. Client Review
      1. Hiding the Bleed
      2. View at Print Size
      3. Give Proof
      4. Making Adjustments for the Client
      5. Save the Document
    9. Making It Final
      1. Convert to Flat CMYK
      2. Save a Flat Copy
  12. Chapter 5. Myths and Monsters
    1. Create a Mystical Animal
      1. Grab the Bull by the Horns
      2. Tweak the Horns
      3. Extend the Canvas
    2. Believable Blending
      1. Adjust with Smart Filters
      2. Save Your Progress
    3. Perfect Masks and Selections
      1. Quick Mask Mastery
    4. Finishing Touches
      1. Content-Aware Move and Extend
      2. Content-Aware Move Tool Options
      3. Patch Things Up
  13. Chapter 6. Digital Decorating
    1. Create a New Document
    2. About Artboards
    3. Smart Is as Smart Does
      1. Mix Smart Objects and Raster Effects
      2. Attack of the Clones
    4. Mask Mastery
      1. Close and Mask the Group
      2. Refine the Mask
      3. Add a Solid Fill Layer
    5. Brush Mastery
      1. Reuse and Save Brush Settings
      2. Save Your Progress!
    6. Bring In the Lead Character
      1. Fix Mixed Selections
      2. Save the Masked Model as a PSD File
      3. Copy and Paste the Loaded Mask
    7. Get Creative
    8. Warp Tour
      1. Use Puppet Warp
      2. Tweak the Text and Save
    9. Color Coordinated
      1. Replace Colors in an Image
      2. Get Clipped
      3. Clip Images for Awesome Text
      4. Save Your Progress
    10. Shapes, Splatters, and Selections
      1. Shape Layers
      2. Brush Bling
      3. Brush Better
      4. Selection Perfection
      5. Shatter the Heroine
      6. Gradient Goodness
    11. Final Tweaks
      1. The Final Save
      2. Check Out Your Comps
    12. Quick Phone Wallpaper
  14. Chapter 7. Publishing Awesome
    1. Print at Home or Work
      1. Quick Prints
    2. Save for the Web
      1. Save Photos for the Web
      2. Save Graphic Images for the Web
      3. Determine Image Settings
    3. Design for Commercial Printing
    4. Create Images for Use in Other Applications
      1. Practice Good Layer Management
      2. Save Text Entry for Illustrator and InDesign
      3. Communicate
    5. Get to the Next Level
  15. Chapter 8. Working with Insiders
    1. Insider Terminology
      1. Key Terms for Digital Imaging
      2. Key Terms in Photography
    2. Images and Industries
      1. Images for Print
      2. Images for the Web
      3. Images for Video
    3. Wrapping Things Up
  16. Chapter 9. Leveling Up with Design
    1. Creativity Is a Skill
      1. Getting a Creative Workout
      2. Prepping Your Mind
    2. The Design Hierarchy
      1. Applying the Design Hierarchy
    3. The Elements of Art
      1. The Element of Space
      2. The Element of Line
      3. The Element of Shape
      4. The Element of Form
      5. The Elements of Pattern and Texture
      6. The Element of Value
      7. The Element of Color
      8. The Element of Type
      9. Wrapping Up the Elements
    4. The Principles of Design
      1. The Principles of Emphasis or Focal Point
      2. The Principle of Contrast
      3. The Principle of Unity
      4. The Principle of Variety
      5. The Principle of Balance
      6. The Principle of Proportion or Scale
      7. The Principles of Repetition and Pattern
      8. The Principles of Movement and Rhythm
    5. Wrapping Up the Design Concepts
  17. Chapter 10. Working with Outsiders
    1. Who You’re Talking For and Who You’re Talking To
      1. Single Voice, Single Message
      2. Identifying Your Client’s Ideal Customer
      3. The Golden Rule for Client Projects
    2. Copyrights and Wrongs
      1. Copyright Happens
      2. Placing a Copyright Notice In Digital Content
      3. Playing Fair with Copyrighted Material
      4. Uncopyrighting
      5. Licensing
    3. Think Like a Boss
      1. Project Management
      2. Learn
      3. Think
      4. Do
    4. Conclusion
  18. ACA Objectives Covered
  19. Glossary
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Learn Adobe Photoshop CC for Visual Communication: Adobe Certified Associate Exam Preparation
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2016
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780134396798