Learn AWS Automation with Boto3, Python, and Lambda Functions

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The objective of the course, AWS Automation with Boto3, Python, and Lamba Functions, is to cover the core concepts of Boto3 and Lambda. In most of the cases, Boto3 works along with Lambda and that’s the reason we combine Boto3 and Lambda into one course. We have divided the course into two parts to get more clarity about Boto3 and Lambda. Part 1 is about how to write and execute Python Boto3 on our local server or any OS. Part 2 is about writing and executing Python Boto3 in Lambda with different triggering methods.

Boto3 is the name of the Python SDK for AWS or Boto3 is the Python module to work with AWS services using Python scripts. It allows you to create, update, and delete AWS services from our Python scripts without opening AWS management console through the browser; we can execute these Python Boto3 scripts either from our local server or using AWS Lambda service.

In this course, we will see how to implement and execute Python Boto3 scripts on our local server; then, we will move on with AWS Lambda service. Boto3 is built on top of the Botocore module. We will also explore the different types of Boto3 sessions and the concepts of Boto3 to write Python scripts for AWS automation.

By the end of this course, you will get the knowledge to apply different concepts of Boto3 and Lambda for different AWS services.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the environment setup for Boto3
  • Learn Boto3 documentation to implement Python Boto3 scripts
  • Understand how to work with STS
  • Understand the use of Meta object
  • Learn about Boto3 collection concept to start, stop, terminate, monitor all instances once
  • Learn about IAM roles to execute Python Boto3 scripts


This course is designed for individuals looking to master Boto3 and AWS Lambda functions with different triggering method skills to automate tasks in real time.

About The Author

VRTechnologies: VR Technologies is a seasoned DevOps automation consultant with a specialization in cloud and DevOps. With a wealth of experience, they have successfully trained over 400 students through comprehensive automation courses covering Shell, Python, and Ansible.

With six years of training expertise, VR Technologies’ commitment to staying at the forefront of technology trends is unmatched, ensuring that students receive the most up-to-date knowledge. Their passion for learning and teaching drives them to meticulously research and prepare each course, offering hands-on demonstrations from the basics to advanced concepts. Join VR Technologies on a transformative learning journey and unlock the power of automation in your career.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction and Environment Setup for Boto3
    1. Objective of the Course
    2. What Do You Need for This Course
    3. Introduction to Boto3
    4. Installing Required Python Version and Boto3 on Windows Server
    5. Installing Required Python and Boto3 on Linus Server to Work with AWS Services
    6. Boto3 Environment Setup on Windows Server to Work with AWS Services
    7. Boto3 Environment Setup on RHEL Server to Work with AWS Services
    8. First Boto3 Script to Verify the Boto3 Environment Setup on Windows and Linux
    9. Concepts of Boto3 to Write Python Scripts for AWS Automation
    10. Different Types of Boto3 Sessions
  2. Chapter 2 : Boto3 Documentation Help to Implement Python Boto3 Scripts
    1. How to Implement Python Boto3 Scripts Using Client Object
    2. How to Implement Python Boto3 Scripts Using Resource Object
  3. Chapter 3 : Working with STS
    1. Get AWS Account ID
  4. Chapter 4 : EC2 – Part 1: Working with EC2 Services
    1. Simple Python Boto3 Scripts on EC2 Service
    2. Menu Driven Script to Perform Different Status Actions on EC2 Instance
  5. Chapter 5 : EC2 Waiters
    1. What is a Waiter? How to Use Waiters on the EC2 Instance?
  6. Chapter 6 : Usage of Meta Object
    1. Usage of Meta Object
  7. Chapter 7 : EC2 Collections
    1. Boto3 Collections Concepts
    2. Boto3 Collection Concept to Start, Stop, Terminate, and Monitor All Instances Once
  8. Chapter 8 : EC2- Part 2: Practice with EC2 Services
    1. Delete Unused and Untagged EBS Volumes
    2. EC2 Instances Inventory
    3. List All Available Snapshots
    4. List Snapshots Based on Size
    5. List Snapshots Based on Start Time
  9. Chapter 9 : IAM Roles to Execute Python Boto3 Scripts
    1. Executing Python Boto3 Script from EC2 Instance that is Attached with IAM Role
  10. Chapter 10 : Exception Handling with Boto3 and Botocore Modules
    1. Simple Exception Handling
  11. Chapter 11 : Working with IAM Users
    1. Get IAM User Details and Get All IAM Users Details
    2. Random Password Generator Using Python
    3. Create an IAM User with Console Login Access Using Boto3 of Python
  12. Chapter 12 : Lambda-Part 1: AWS Automation with Boto3 and Lamba Functions
    1. Introduction to AWS Lambda Functions
    2. Automating the Start and Stop EC2 Instances for Test Environment
    3. Automatic Mail Alert: When Instance State is Reached to Stopped
    4. Automate Snapshots for EBS Volumes Using Lambda and Cloudwatch
    5. Automate Snapshots of EBS Volumes for All Regions
    6. Automate Copy of EBS Snapshots Between Regions
  13. Chapter 13 : Paginators of Boto3
    1. Boto3 Client Paginators
  14. Chapter 14 : Working with S3
    1. Concepts of Boto3 to Work with AWS S3 Service
    2. List All Buckets
    3. Paginators for s3
  15. Chapter 15 : Lambda-Part 2: AWS Automation with Boto3 and Lambda Functions
    1. Assigning Secondary IP of Master to Slave when Master is Down

Product information

  • Title: Learn AWS Automation with Boto3, Python, and Lambda Functions
  • Author(s): VRTechnologies
  • Release date: October 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781803245317