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Learn Azure Storage SDK

Video Description

The only course most Azure Storage developers need!

About This Video

  • Effectively store, configure, and scale applications with Azure Storage services
  • Discover how to integrate Azure Storage SDK with other services such as Azure App Services
  • Manage Azure Storage at a deeper level.

In Detail

Azure Storage is a cloud solution for data services on Azure. Developers work with many types of data: unstructured, structured, real-time, and rarely accessed. Azure Storage is a highly scalable, highly secure PaaS that offers capabilities for blob-, table-, queue-, and file-based storage. It is a powerful and flexible cloud-based storage system and service that can store seemingly limitless amounts of data for any duration of time.

In this course, we delve into the capabilities of the Azure Storage APIs and learn how to use the Azure Storage SDK to design .NET applications. Along the way, we also cover the introductory concepts for each service, as well as third-party tools for managing Azure Storage.

We would cover Azure Storage basics, as well as advanced topics such as the Azure Storage SDK for the development of applications. You also get security, performance, and other tips.

By the end of the course, you'll know much more about how to use Azure Storage to build custom solutions that are optimized to meet the unique needs of your applications.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Azure Storage Service
    1. The Course Overview 00:04:20
    2. Understanding Cloud Storage Versus Azure Storage 00:04:15
    3. Creating Azure Storage Account 00:03:51
    4. Exploring Azure Storage Types and Redundancy Models 00:03:22
    5. Azure Storage in Azure Portal 00:07:08
    6. Tools for Accessing Azure Storage Service 00:06:14
  2. Chapter 2 : Azure Storage Blobs
    1. Introduction to Azure Storage Blobs 00:03:50
    2. Creating Containers for Blobs 00:04:13
    3. Working with Blobs 00:02:55
    4. Handling Access Levels for Storage Blobs 00:02:09
    5. Managing Redundancy Models for Blobs 00:02:30
    6. Discovering CDN 00:03:27
    7. Working with Custom Domains 00:01:23
  3. Chapter 3 : Azure Storage Tables
    1. Introduction to Azure Storage Tables 00:03:58
    2. SQL Versus NoSQL Structures 00:03:07
    3. Migrating to Azure Cosmos Db 00:02:49
  4. Chapter 4 : Azure Storage Queues
    1. Introduction to Azure Storage Queues 00:03:28
    2. Understanding Queue Messages 00:01:17
    3. Creating and Extracting Messages 00:03:09
  5. Chapter 5 : Azure Storage Files
    1. Introduction to Azure Storage Files 00:03:26
    2. Working with Azure Virtual Machine Disks 00:01:25
    3. Creating Extra Disks for Virtual Machine 00:01:56
    4. Making Backup Disks 00:01:39
    5. Saving Costs on Extra Disks 00:01:40
  6. Chapter 6 : Azure Storage SDK
    1. Introduction to Azure Storage SDK 00:02:56
    2. Working with Azure Storage SDK with C# 00:02:01
    3. Exploring Hello Azure Storage Demo 00:02:27
    4. Creating Azure Storage Containers Programmatically 00:02:09
    5. Uploading and Downloading a File from Azure Storage 00:02:17
    6. Sharing the Files and Resource Links 00:01:42
    7. Removing the Files from Azure Storage 00:04:12
  7. Chapter 7 : Azure Storage Demo
    1. Managing Database Storage in Azure Storage 00:04:07
    2. Uploading and Downloading Files from ASP.NET Core 00:04:02
    3. Working with App Service CSS, JavaScript in Azure Storage 00:02:27
    4. Handling Connection Strings in App Service Environment 00:02:52
    5. Managing Data Migration with Azure Storage 00:03:57
    6. Message Queue Demo with Azure Function 00:04:19
  8. Chapter 8 : Azure Storage Performance
    1. Integrating Azure Storage Account with Azure CDN 00:07:26
    2. CDN Configurations for Better Performance 00:03:17
    3. Managing Block-Sizes for Maximum Throughput 00:01:57
    4. Exploring Data Replication 00:03:54
    5. Utilizing Primary and Secondary Storage Locations 00:02:13
    6. Caching of Storage 00:03:42
  9. Chapter 9 : Azure Storage Security
    1. Exploring Account Access Keys 00:03:24
    2. Handling Firewall Management 00:03:27
    3. Working with Blob-Level Security Management 00:03:20
    4. Discovering Encryption at Rest 00:02:58
    5. Enabling HTTP Secure Channels 00:02:54
  10. Chapter 10 : Azure Storage Concepts
    1. Examples of Azure Storage 00:04:25
    2. Monitoring and Diagnostics 00:04:07
    3. Enabling CORS 00:03:39
    4. Understanding Application Services Design 00:06:28