Learn Java Swing

Video Description

In this course, you will adopt techniques to help you build a graphical user interface, more specifically a GUI, with the Java programming language and SWING library. For the development of a graphical user interface, the most important are the operating systems Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. Thanks to them, the graphical user interface succeeded in completely replacing previously impractical textual interfaces that were complicated for efficient use. The course is split into four sections. In the first part of the course you’ll have the chance to find out what a Graphical User Interface is and when it’s used. After this, you’ll also learn everything you need about its AWT and SWING libraries. The second section is dedicated to the basics of SWING components. You’ll get a complete picture of the classes JLabel, JButton and JTextComponent, but also about what and how simple and stylized control texts are used. You’ll also get acquainted with other classes such as JToggleButton, JDialog, JColorChooser and JFileChooser. You’ll be trained to print text as well as handling SWING controls using the NetBeans GUI Builder. The third section will focus on SWING events. During these lectures, you’ll see how to create event classes and interfaces for their listeners. After that, you’ll be looking at a lesson that’ll talk about connecting to the MySQL database through NetBeans. You’ll then work on SWING's competing programming, while the last part of this study unit will deal with the use of actions and JSwing timer classes. Finally, through the final section you’ll deal with advanced SWING components, that is, by using focus and linking controls, as well as connecting through binding methods.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Swing 00:13:27
  2. Working with Swing in Netbeans 00:12:23
  3. Swing Layouts 00:14:23
  4. Containers 00:19:58
  5. JComponent 00:18:48
  6. JLabel and JButton 00:16:37
  7. Controls for Text Manipulation 00:22:36
  8. JToggle Button 00:13:37
  9. Dialogs 00:24:29
  10. JComboBox 00:13:28
  11. JList 00:14:11
  12. Creating User Control 00:14:22
  13. Swing Event Listeners 00:31:09
  14. Mapping and Linking (ORM and Binding) 00:11:44
  15. Thread in Swing 00:15:32
  16. Action and Timer 00:08:40
  17. Look and Feel 00:15:11
  18. Drag and Drop 00:22:31
  19. Image Icon 00:16:03
  20. JSpinner 00:10:03
  21. JProgressBar and JSlider 00:12:00
  22. JTable 00:11:59
  23. JTree 00:08:47
  24. Menu Handling 00:14:51
  25. Toolbar and Tooltip 00:06:18
  26. System Tray and Splash Screen 00:11:18

Product Information

  • Title: Learn Java Swing
  • Author(s): Funny Code
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 100000006A0708