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Learn JSON with this JSON Checklist Practice Exercise

Video Description

Build a JSON data checklist using JavaScript from scratch

About This Video

  • Practice and learn JSON with JavaScript Objects
  • Learn to use JSON and manipulate the data
  • Build and use simple JSON structured data, then rebuild the JSON structure to make the data more flexible

In Detail

This course is designed to get you more familiar with JSON, how you can get object data, and use it within your JavaScript. We’ll guide you through the building and use simple JSON structured data, and then be rebuilding the JSON structure to make the data more flexible.

You'll learn how to:

  • Structure information in the JSON format
  • What JSON is and how to use it within JavaScript
  • How to loop through data
  • How to output the JSON data contents into your HTML
  • Rethink your data structure to be more dynamic and versatile
  • Build dynamic elements in JavaScript that have event listeners
  • Update your HTML using JavaScript
  • Save a JavaScript object as JSON
  • Convert a string to a JavaScript object and then back again
  • Get data via a HTTP XML request object

Practice JSON and enjoy building out this task list from scratch.