Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches (Audiobook)

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A must-have resource. I thoroughly recommend it!
Iain Campbell, Tango Telecom

In Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches you'll go from "what's a Pod?" to automatically scaling clusters of containers and components in just 22 hands-on lessons, each short enough to fit into a lunch break. Every lesson is task-focused and covers an essential skill on the road to Kubernetes mastery. You'll learn how to smooth container management with Kubernetes, including securing your clusters, and upgrades and rollbacks with zero downtime. No development stack, platform, or background is assumed. Author Elton Stoneman describes all patterns generically, so you can easily apply them to your applications and port them to other projects!

about the technology

Create apps that perform identically on your laptop, data center, and cloud! Kubernetes provides a consistent method for deploying applications on any platform, making it easy to grow. By efficiently orchestrating Docker containers, Kubernetes simplifies tasks like rolling upgrades, scaling, and self-healing.

about the book

Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches is your guide to getting up and running with Kubernetes. You'll progress from Kubernetes basics to essential skills, learning to model, deploy, and manage applications in production. Exercises demonstrate how Kubernetes works with multiple languages and frameworks. You'll also practice with new apps, legacy code, and serverless functions.

what's inside

  • Deploying applications on Kubernetes clusters
  • Understanding the Kubernetes app lifecycle, from packaging to rollbacks
  • Self-healing and scalable apps
  • Using Kubernetes as a platform for new technologies

about the audience

For readers familiar with Docker and containerization.

about the author

Elton Stoneman is a Docker Captain, a 11-time Microsoft MVP, and the author of Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches.

Everything you need to get you up and running with Kubernetes.
Marc-Anthony Taylor, yelster Digital GmbH

Written from both the Dev and Ops perspective, this book reads like a delightful journey through the exciting landscape that is Kubernetes.
Yogesh Shetty, ING

Easy to follow real-world examples of how Kubernetes can and should be used.
Sander Stad, Waypoint Analytical


Table of contents

  1. First week: Fast track to Kubernetes
  2. Chapter 1. Before you begin
  3. Chapter 2. Running containers in Kubernetes with Pods and Deployments
  4. Chapter 3. Connecting Pods over the network with Services
  5. Chapter 4. Configuring applications with ConfigMaps and Secrets
  6. Chapter 5. Storing data with volumes, mounts, and claims
  7. Chapter 6. Scaling applications across multiple Pods with controllers
  8. Second week: Kubernetes in the real world
  9. Chapter 7. Extending applications with multicontainer Pods
  10. Chapter 8. Running data-heavy apps with StatefulSets and Jobs
  11. Chapter 9. Managing app releases with rollouts and rollbacks
  12. Chapter 10. Packaging and managing apps with Helm
  13. Chapter 11. App development-Developer workflows and CI/CD
  14. Third week: Preparing for production
  15. Chapter 12. Empowering self-healing apps
  16. Chapter 13. Centralizing logs with Fluentd and Elasticsearch
  17. Chapter 14. Monitoring applications and Kubernetes with Prometheus
  18. Chapter 15. Managing incoming traffic with Ingress
  19. Chapter 16. Securing applications with policies, contexts, and admission control
  20. Fourth week: Pure and applied Kubernetes
  21. Chapter 17. Securing resources with role-based access control
  22. Chapter 18. Deploying Kubernetes: Multinode and multiarchitecture clusters
  23. Chapter 19. Controlling workload placement and automatic scaling
  24. Chapter 20. Extending Kubernetes with custom resources and Operators
  25. Chapter 21. Running serverless functions in Kubernetes
  26. Chapter 22. Never the end
  27. Appendix A. Packaging applications from source code into Docker Images
  28. Appendix B. Adding observability with containerized monitoring
  29. Appendix C. Application configuration management in containers
  30. Appendix D. Writing and managing application logs with Docker

Product information

  • Title: Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches (Audiobook)
  • Author(s): Elton Stoneman
  • Release date: February 2021
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: None