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Guy Hart-Davis, Learn Office 2016 for Mac, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2002-3_22

22. Using E-mail Effectively

Guy Hart-Davis

(1)Barnard Castle, Durham, UK

In this part of the book, you’ll learn how to use Outlook , Office’s heavy-duty e-mail and organizer app.

Outlook covers five main areas:

  • Mail: Outlook calls it Mail, but most of us call it e-mail—and it’s the most important part of Outlook. This chapter covers e-mail.

  • People: Outlook provides a digital address book on steroids for storing the details of your contacts and keeping in touch with them. Chapter 23 explains how to work with contacts in Outlook.

  • Calendar: Outlook can help you keep tabs on your appointments, whether they occur once only or at regular intervals. Chapter ...

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