Learn Python in 3 Hours

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App development, data science, automation, web scraping or computer vision—Make the switch to Python quickly

About This Video

  • End-to-end course that takes you from zero Python knowledge and converts you into a Python superstar.
  • Practical, get-it-done style focuses on results and brings you up-to-speed with Python, so that you can start a new project or enter an existing Python project with ease.
  • A special course that aims to pack everything you need to know about Python into 3 hours.

In Detail

You are a programmer. You already know many languages, but Python isn't one of them. Today, you need to get up-to-speed with Python in a short period of time, but your search has so far come up with disconnected, unrelated tutorials or guides.

Learn Python in 3 hours is a fast-paced, action-packed course that maximizes your time; it's designed from the ground up to bring you from zero to hero in the shortest time. The course is based on many years of Python development experience in both large enterprises and nimble startups. In particular, the course's hands-on and practical approach comes from the author's experience in rapidly iterating and shipping products in a startup setting, where responsiveness and speed are key.

With Learn Python in 3 hours, you will be up-and-running with Python like you are with your other languages, proving your value and expertise to your team today, and building your CV and skillset for tomorrow.


This course is for programmers at all experience levels who would like to transition into developing using Python. Prior programming experience is assumed

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Product information

  • Title: Learn Python in 3 Hours
  • Author(s): Rudy Lai
  • Release date: June 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788995931