Exercise 7. More Printing


Now we are going to do a bunch of exercises where you just type code in and make it run. I won’t be explaining this exercise because it is more of the same. The purpose is to build up your chops. See you in a few exercises, and do not skip! Do not paste!


 1    puts "Mary had a little lamb."  2    puts "Its fleece was white as #{'snow'}."  3    puts "And everywhere that Mary went."  4    puts "." * 10 # what'd that do?  5  6    end1 = "C"  7    end2 = "h"  8    end3 = "e"  9    end4 = "e" 10    end5 = "s" 11    end6 = "e" 12    end7 = "B" 13    end8 = "u" 14    end9 = "r" 15    end10 ...

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