Exercise 20. Functions and Files


Remember your checklist for functions, then do this exercise paying close attention to how functions and files can work together to make useful stuff.


 1    input_file = ARGV.first  2  3    def print_all(f)  4      puts f.read  5    end  6  7    def rewind(f)  8      f.seek(0)  9    end 10 11    def print_a_line(line_count, f) 12      puts "#{line_count}, #{f.gets.chomp}" 13    end 14 15    current_file = open(input_file) 16 17    puts "First let's print the whole file:\n" 18 19    print_all(current_file) 20 21    puts "Now let's rewind, kind of like a tape." 22 23    rewind(current_file) ...

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