Learn Terraform for Cloud Infrastructures

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Use Terraform to create a reusable AWS VPC infrastructure

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  • Get a step ahead by learning one of the top IaC languages—Terraform—starting with the basics through to creating your own complete infrastructure modules on AWS
  • Create your own Virtual Private Cloud with Terraform by applying crucial tips and tricks to your own small- or large-scale projects
  • Implement your own reusable VPC networking module flexibly and responsively using the latest version of Terraform

In Detail

Are you looking to replace your complete Infrastructure as Code setup? Do you want to learn what is arguably the best and most popular infrastructure configuration management tool on the market—Terraform—and make a huge contribution to your skillset? Then this course is what you need! You not only learn how to implement Terraform code but also how to implement an AWS Well-Architected Framework-recommended deployment model for a Virtual Private Cloud.

Terraform is currently holds the leader (cf. Google Trends) compared to the other main Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool. The relative lack of professionals with Terraform expertise makes it invaluable to learn as soon as you can, to make your professional skills stand out. With this course, you'll learn everything you need to get started with Terraform in minimal time! We start with the basics (such as providers, variables, and resources) and learn more advanced ways to use Terraform, such as modules. After covering everything you need to know about Terraform, you'll implement your own reusable AWS VPC networking module, with which you'll be able to launch your networking infrastructure anywhere, anytime, with ease!

So, get started with Terraform and start implementing your own infrastructures today!

Who this book is for

If you are looking to manage your cloud Infrastructure using IaC, then this course is for you! This course is suitable for cloud engineers, site reliability engineers, DevOps, infrastructure engineers, and backend developers.

No previous working knowledge of Terraform is required, but a basic familiarity with AWS is required to take this course.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. The Course Overview
    2. Terraform and Understanding Its Importance
    3. What We Will Cover in This Course
  2. Chapter 2 : Preparing Development Environment
    1. Creating Our First Resource with Terraform
    2. Linux Environment Setup
    3. macOS Environment Setup
    4. Windows Environment Setup
  3. Chapter 3 : Getting Started with Terraform
    1. Providers
    2. Resources, Attributes, and Data Sources
    3. Variables and Interpolation Syntax
    4. Conditionals and Loops
    5. Terraform Commands
    6. Working with Modules
    7. Implementing Terraform Remote State with S3
  4. Chapter 4 : Data Storage on AWS with Terraform: S3 and DynamoDB
    1. What Is S3?
    2. Implementing S3 Buckets
    3. Implementing S3 Bucket Lifecycle Policies
    4. Working with Bucket Policies and ACLs
    5. Implementing a Website with S3
    6. What Is DynamoDB?
    7. Implementing DynamoDB Table
    8. DynamoDB Global Table
  5. Chapter 5 : Implementing VPC Networking and EC2 with Terraform
    1. Creating a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    2. Creating Public Subnets
    3. Creating Private Subnets
    4. Creating a Route Table for Public Routes
    5. Creating a Route Table for Private Routes
    6. Associating Route Tables with Subnets
  6. Chapter 6 : Advanced Implementation of VPC Networking and EC2 with Terraform
    1. Creating an Elastic IP for NAT Gateway
    2. Creating a NAT Gateway and Adding to the Route Table
    3. Creating an Internet Gateway and Adding to the Route Table
    4. Implementing an EC2 Instance
    5. Providing Variables and Executing Terraform
    6. Validating Our Infrastructure
  7. Chapter 7 : Wrapping Up and Next Steps
    1. What Have We Learned: Wrap Up
    2. Where to Go to Learn More About Terraform
    3. Terraform Tips and Tricks for Everyday

Product information

  • Title: Learn Terraform for Cloud Infrastructures
  • Author(s): Niyazi Erdoğan
  • Release date: January 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838982959