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Learning AirWatch 9

Video Description

Learn to implement, manage, and deploy the latest Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform offered by AirWatch

About This Video

  • Understand AirWatch's foundational components and architecture and discover the best setup for your environment

  • Learn about important aspects of configuring and managing AirWatch

  • Learn to manage AirWatch using best practices to elevate your skills in deploying VMware NSX in your environment

  • In Detail

    Nowadays, organizations are facing a critical challenge: providing reliable, efficient, and secure access to corporate information. With AirWatch by VMware's Enterprise Mobility Management platform, you will be able to set up and deploy access to corporate information securely from mobile devices, allowing security policies and regulations to meet compliance requirements for your business. This video will guide you through a detailed overview on how to set up AirWatch by VMware, administer deployment, manage enterprise integrations, configure security controls, and many more options available for effective deployments in enterprises. You will also learn how to add and manage applications and content in AirWatch. Finally, you will learn how to integrate and secure mail with AirWatch, how to add and use Directory Services, and how to use reporting and analytics within AirWatch.