Learning Akka

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Explore the Akka toolkit to build highly scalable and robust applications

About This Video

  • Explore actors to see how Akka handles concurrency

  • Build a fault-tolerant system from the ground up

  • Understand the key concepts through real-life scenarios

  • In Detail

    Akka helps you to build scalable, resilient, and fault-tolerant distributed systems that can provide outstanding performance on local machines as well as over remote networks. Employing the actor model, it is possible to leverage these lightweight entities to program highly available, high performance applications. It delivers a powerful scaffolding that can be used to delegate remoting, service failures, and load management so that you can focus solely on your system logic.

    Learning Akka delivers a clear and practical introduction to the Akka toolkit, explaining the key components you need to know to get up and running with developing applications of your own.

    We will start by looking at the actor model and how it solves concurrency problems. You will learn about the actor system, how to create hierarchical structures in Akka, and how to make routes in order to send messages to other actors. We will look at other use cases such as building an actor that can change its behavior during runtime. You will then create stateful actors, work with a cluster system, and work with remote actors. This course will also take you through testing the application with Akka testkit and making applications available over the web with Akka HTTP. Finally, we’ll employ best practices and you’ll get to know the common actor patterns used for development with Akka.

    By the end of this course, you’ll have a great foundation in Akka that will enable you to develop excellent applications and services with the toolkit.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Exploring the Actor World
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:22
      2. Understanding the Actor Model 00:03:20
      3. Concepts and Terminology 00:04:06
      4. Let's Create Hello World 00:03:24
    2. Chapter 2 : Playing with Actors
      1. Actor System and Hierarchical Structure 00:04:35
      2. Actor Components and Lifecycle 00:03:36
      3. Creating an Actor with Props 00:04:12
      4. Talking to an Actor 00:04:57
      5. Supervision and Monitoring 00:06:00
    3. Chapter 3 : Working with Akka Basic Tools
      1. ActorRef Versus Actor Path Versus Actor Selection 00:05:04
      2. Sending Messages via Router 00:05:48
      3. Replacing Actor Behavior via become/unbecome 00:04:48
      4. Replacing Actor Behavior via FSM 00:04:48
    4. Chpater 4 : Akka Persistence
      1. Introduction to Akka Persistence 00:04:27
      2. Creating Persistent Actors 00:04:27
      3. Playing with a Persistent Actor 00:04:22
      4. Persistence FSM 00:06:19
      5. Persistence Query 00:04:24
    5. Chapter 5 : Working with Akka Cluster
      1. Playing with Remote Actors 00:05:27
      2. Building a Cluster 00:06:10
      3. Adding Load Balancer to a Cluster Node 00:03:09
      4. Creating a Singleton Actor in the Cluster 00:05:45
      5. Cluster Sharding 00:05:49
    6. Chapter 6 : Testing Actors
      1. How to Test an Actor? 00:05:44
      2. Testing a Parent-child Relationship 00:03:27
      3. Testing FSM 00:04:25
      4. Multi Node Testing 00:06:32
    7. Chapter 7 : Working with Akka Streams
      1. Introduction to Akka Streams 00:05:37
      2. Reactive Tweets 00:04:54
      3. Testing Streams 00:06:02
      4. Working with Graphs 00:04:56
      5. Working with Stream IO 00:04:17
    8. Chapter 8 : Working with Akka HTTP
      1. Introduction to Akka HTTP 00:04:04
      2. Working with Client-side API 00:05:59
      3. Working with Server-side API 00:05:02
      4. Let's Implement a REST API 00:05:05
      5. Let's Test Our REST API 00:03:32
    9. Chapter 9 : Working with Common Patterns in Akka
      1. Balancing Workload Across Nodes 00:05:35
      2. Throttling Messages 00:04:26
      3. Shutdown Patterns 00:03:26
      4. Ordered Termination 00:03:45
      5. Scheduling Periodic Messages 00:02:57

    Product Information

    • Title: Learning Akka
    • Author(s): Salma Khater
    • Release date: January 2016
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781784391836