Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) (Companion Videos)

Video description

The companion videos for Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS), the The Practical, Foundational Technical Introduction to the World’s #1 Cloud Platform

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the perfect foundational resource for all administrators, developers, project managers, and other IT professionals who want to plan and deploy AWS services and/or earn AWS certification.

Top cloud trainer and evangelist Mark Wilkins teaches best practices that align with Amazon’s Well-Architected Framework, introduces key concepts in the context of a running case study, carefully explains how core AWS services operate and integrate, and offers extensively tested tips for maximizing flexibility, security, and value. Companion online videos guide you step-by-step through setting AWS compute, storage, networking, scale, security, automation, and more.

  • Balance cost, compliance, and latency in your service designs
  • Choose the right networking options for your virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • Build, host, launch, manage, and budget for EC2 compute services
  • Plan for scale and resiliency, and make informed decisions about AWS storage
  • Enforce strict security, and automate to improve operational efficiency

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1
    1. Sign Up for AWS Free Tier
  2. Chapter 2
    1. Availability Zones
    2. Choosing Regions
    3. Planning Compliance
    4. Trusted Advisor
    5. Using the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator
  3. Chapter 3
    1. Adding an Internet Gateway
    2. Creating a Custom VPC
    3. Creating CIDR Blocks
    4. Creating Public and Private Subnets
    5. Creating Security Groups
    6. Creating VPN Connections
    7. Network ACLs
    8. Route Tables
    9. Understanding Endpoints
    10. VPC Flow Logs
  4. Chapter 4
    1. Creating a Custom AMI
    2. Creating Instances
    3. Creating Reserved Instances
    4. Spot Instances
  5. Chapter 5
    1. CloudWatch in Operation
    2. Connection Draining
    3. Creating a CloudWatch Alarm
    4. Creating a Launch Template
    5. Creating a Network Load Balancer
    6. Creating Listener Rules
    7. Deploying EC2 Autorecovery
    8. EC2 Autoscale
    9. Installing the CloudWatch Agent
    10. Understanding ELB Features
  6. Chapter 6
    1. Creating Aurora Databases
    2. Creating Dynamo db Tables
    3. Creating EBS Volumes
    4. Creating EFS Storage
    5. Creating S3 Buckets
    6. Creating Snapshots
    7. Data Transfer Options
    8. FSx Setup for Windows
    9. Ordering RDS
    10. S3 Management Features
  7. Chapter 7
    1. Creating IAM Policies
    2. Creating IAM Users and Groups
    3. Creating Permission Boundaries
    4. Defining Password Policy
    5. Enabling MFA Protection
    6. Exploring AWS Security Tools
    7. Exploring CloudTrail Events
    8. Setting Up AWS Organizations and RAM
  8. Chapter 8
    1. Analyzing a Cloud Formation Template
    2. CloudWatch Alerts and Lambda
    3. Creating Change Sets with Cloud Formation
    4. Creating EC2 Instances with Cloud Formation
    5. Creating Lambda Functions
    6. Creating Products with Service Catalog
    7. Deploying Elastic Beanstalk
    8. S3 Buckets and Alerts using Lambda
    9. Updating Elastic Beanstalk with a Blue Green Deployment
    10. Using the API Gateway

Product information

  • Title: Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) (Companion Videos)
  • Author(s): Mark Wilkins
  • Release date: August 2019
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0136537057