Learning Android N Application Development

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See the first steps on developing cutting edge applications with the latest iteration of Android

About This Video

  • Leverage Android and other tools to architect and implement an app or component

  • See key advanced components such as networking, image loading, intent services, and some third-party libraries

  • Look at testing and performance related topics in a more detailed manner, the next frontier in Android development

  • In Detail

    Android Nougat is the 7th major version of the Android operating system. Nougat introduces notable changes to the operating system and its development platform, including the ability to display multiple apps on-screen at once in a split-screen view, support for inline replies to notifications, as well as an OpenJDK-based Java environment, support for the Vulkan graphics rendering API, and "seamless" system updates on supported devices.

    This course begins with an introduction on Android Nougat. By getting to know all its new features, get started building your own application. Start off by creating its UI with Android’s key developer tool the Android Studio and Android SDK. Networking concepts with the API are the next in line, followed by creating an application that will give you a practical hands on experience such as a News Reader Application. Complete the building process by implementing fire base Analytics and Crash Analysis to measure the success and health of your app. Once you’ve got a good grasp on these concepts, enhance your skills in maintaining hi-quality apps by learning the testing principles.

    By the end of this course get acquainted on how to publish your application on the Play Store and leverage the well-known, best practices in Android, known typically only to the initiated

    Table of contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
      1. The Course Overview 00:04:47
      2. Why Android N? 00:03:39
      3. Basics of Android 00:09:02
      4. Anatomy of Our app 00:02:44
      5. Tools Overview 00:07:11
      6. Tools – Android Studio and Emulators 00:08:50
    2. Chapter 2 : UI of the Application
      1. UI Section Overview 00:03:35
      2. Hello World 00:07:48
      3. Home Page Card 00:03:21
      4. Home Page Card Implementation 00:11:06
      5. NewsArticle, Adapters, and RecyclerView 00:04:25
      6. Creating a NewsArticle 00:06:16
      7. Implementing the ArrayAdapter 00:11:46
      8. Implementing the RecyclerView 00:03:34
      9. The Details Page 00:07:34
      10. Event Handling and Navigation 00:04:13
      11. Enabling Navigation 00:06:41
      12. Android N Multiwindow Features 00:03:46
    3. Chapter 3 : Networking
      1. Networking Section Overview 00:03:28
      2. Networking Basics 00:05:48
      3. News API 00:05:41
      4. Parsing the News API Response 00:09:37
      5. Parsing the News API Response – Implementation 00:05:19
      6. Retrofit 00:07:58
      7. Retrofit Implementation 00:09:43
      8. Testing API calls 00:05:19
    4. Chapter 4 : Completing the App
      1. Connecting the Response to the UI 00:09:41
      2. Analytics and More 00:05:19
      3. Analytics and Crash Reporting Implementation 00:08:57
      4. Addition Attribution 00:11:09
    5. Chapter 5 : Testing
      1. Introduction to Testing in Android 00:07:10
      2. Unit Testing in Android 00:10:09
      3. Unit Testing with Powermock 00:05:58
      4. Instrumentation Testing in Android 00:04:52
      5. Espresso Implementation 00:09:44
    6. Chapter 6 : Publishing the App on the Play Store
      1. Preparing to Upload to the Play Store 00:11:04
      2. Uploading to the Play Store 00:06:18
    7. Chapter 7 : Best Practices
      1. Best Practices 00:10:39
      2. Review of the Project 00:05:13

    Product information

    • Title: Learning Android N Application Development
    • Author(s): Soham Mondal
    • Release date: December 2016
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781785880506