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Learning Angular 2 directives

Video Description

Learn how to build efficient Angular 2 directives with this fast and interactive guide

About This Video

  • Get started with developing successful, real-world Angular 2 directives in no time

  • Get to know about the modular web and how Angular 2 embraces this new emerging pattern

  • Learn to use all the Angular 2 components through this book's practical and easy-to-understand approach

  • In Detail

    Get up to speed with the building blocks of Angular 2. New technologies and new patterns are emerging on a daily basis. Coding for the front end is extremely demanding, but at the same time more interesting and challenging than ever before. This highly dynamic ecosystem provides huge possibilities to create awesome things.

    Learning Angular 2 Directives helps you get on track by introducing you to Google’s brand new Angular 2 web framework. In this video course, you will be guided through the various steps in building real-world Angular 2 components.

    We will start by setting up a modern development environment with TypeScript and ES2015 support, and you'll gain an initial understanding of what components are about, how to build them, and how they differ from the directives. We then focus on applying new concepts while building a fictitious dashboard application for a home automation system.

    We'll guide you through the process of building reusable Angular 2 components. You will learn about HTML rendering templates, see how to establish a data flow between different components, and even find out how to integrate external libraries. But not only that, we will also focus on how to make our components production-ready and maintainable by applying automated unit and end-to-end testing techniques. As a bonus, you will discover how to bring your Angular 2 components to other environments such as the server side and mobile devices.

    Learning Angular 2 Directives is your go-to guide when building successful Angular 2 components.