Learning Application Deployment with Laravel

Video Description

Learn how to deploy Laravel applications smoothly and optimally

About This Video

  • Understand the basics of deploying an application to multiple staging environments

  • Look at multiple ways to host your Laravel application, whether it’s in the cloud, through a hosting service, or on your own machine

  • Work through the logic and concepts that make up a great deployment workflow

  • Get to grips with the key software involved in deploying applications

  • In Detail

    Deployment is a complex task in the software development cycle, and involves making careful decisions to ensure the optimal deployment solution is reached. With tons of options available to developers, making those decisions can be testing even before the physical process of deployment.

    Learning Application Deployment with Laravel is a great introduction into the world of deployment. You’ll learn how to deploy a project as a team, deploy a project to different staging environments, and finally different ways to actually host your deployed application. At the end of the course, we look at a couple of ways to make what can be a flavorless process more lively, or maybe even fun!

    We’ll start off by setting up our machine and getting familiar with the tools and code we’ll be using throughout the course. You’ll learn about interesting things such continuous deployment workflows, and an application’s life cycle. You’ll find out about the different types of staging environments you can set up for your users and your team. You’ll also discover when to use a cloud server over the traditional web hosting providers, how to handle a team, and see how tricky databases can be. Finally, we’ll close things up with some techniques to make deployment a little less painful.

    Learning Application Deployment with Laravel will introduce you to and ground you in the basics of the many moving parts of a process that every developer has to eventually perform. This video course will rid any deployment phobias you may have, and teach you in a way that is fun and engaging. After going through these videos, you will be one step closer to being an all-star developer.

    Product Information

    • Title: Learning Application Deployment with Laravel
    • Author(s): James Dow
    • Release date: December 2015
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781785288067