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Learning Author-it

Book Description

Author-it guru Char James-Tanny teaches you how to get the most from Author-it.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. Conventions and Standards
    1. Standards
  8. Let’s Get Started
    1. Understanding Author-it Libraries
  9. Creating and Setting Up a Library with Author-it Administrator
    1. To create a Jet Library
    2. Using the main Author-it Administrator window
      1. To add information to the summary fields
    3. Setting Up Security
      1. Assign Your Library License
      2. Working with Group and User Accounts
      3. Defining Release States
      4. Working with Folders
    4. Adding Variables
      1. Using System and Default Variables
      2. Creating Nested Variables
    5. Customizing the Library Settings
      1. Modifying the General Settings
      2. Modifying the History Settings
      3. Modifying the Publishing Settings
      4. Changing the Timestamp Settings
  10. Understanding the Authoring Environment
    1. Using the Library Explorer
      1. Using the Ribbons and Tabs
      2. Using Multiple Windows
    2. Setting the User Options
      1. General Tab
      2. View Tab
      3. File Locations Tab
      4. Spelling Tab
      5. User Details Tab
      6. Publishing Tab
      7. Author-it Xtend Tab
      8. acrolinx IQ Tab
  11. Creating Content
    1. Creating Objects
    2. Understanding Templates
      1. Organizing Templates
      2. Assigning Templates to Objects
    3. Using Books in Author-it
      1. Using the Default Book Templates
      2. Creating a Book
      3. Working with the Author-it Editor
      4. Working with the Title Page Object
      5. Working with the Table of Contents Object
    4. Using Topic Objects in Author-it
      1. Using the Different Topic Templates
      2. Creating Topic Objects
      3. Working with the First Topic in a Book
      4. Customizing Topic Headings by Output
      5. Using the Book’s Hierarchy (Outliner)
      6. Using the Topic Editor
      7. Adding Content to Topics
      8. Applying Styles with the Style Lists
      9. Applying Styles with the Styles Toolbar
      10. Customizing the Styles Toolbar
      11. Working with Lists
      12. Using Variables in Topics
      13. Using Tables in Topic Objects
    5. Working with Hyperlinks
      1. Using the Default Hyperlink Templates
      2. Creating a Hyperlink
      3. Reusing Hyperlinks
      4. Editing Hyperlinks
      5. Verifying the Hyperlink Settings
    6. Using Images
      1. Working with File Objects
      2. Choosing Embedded or Linked Image Templates
      3. Adding Images
      4. Using the File Object Preview Area
      5. Reusing Images
      6. Adding Captions and Alternate Attributes
      7. Using Images inside Lists
      8. Displaying Images within Topic Objects
    7. Creating an Index
      1. Using the Index and Index Entry Templates
      2. Indexing Your Projects
    8. Adding a Glossary
      1. Using the Glossary Templates
  12. Reusing Topic Content
    1. Working with Embedded Topic Objects
    2. Copying Content to Other Topic Objects
    3. Pasting Content from Other Applications
  13. Viewing, Finding, and Organizing Objects
    1. Viewing the List of Objects
      1. Viewing the Object Details
      2. Previewing Objects
    2. Searching the Library
      1. Using Search
      2. Using Quick Search
    3. Using Find or Find and Replace
    4. Locating Objects
    5. Viewing the Object History
      1. Understanding the Historical Information
    6. Showing Object Relationships
      1. Using Object Relationships while Working
    7. Moving Objects between Folders
    8. Removing and Deleting Objects
    9. Assigning Release States
  14. Publishing the Output
    1. Look ‘n’ Feel Determinants
      1. Understanding How Styles Are Published
    2. Understanding the Publishing Console
      1. Viewing the List of the Different Publishing Profiles
      2. Understanding the Publishing Console Book List
      3. Understanding the Publishing Jobs List
    3. Publishing Your Output
  15. Customizing Objects for Different Outputs
    1. Using Conditional Content
    2. Duplicating Objects
    3. Learning about Templates
      1. Adding New Templates
      2. Modifying Templates
    4. Learning about Styles
      1. Understanding the Style Templates
      2. Working with Style Definitions
      3. Duplicating a Style
      4. Creating a Style to Precede and Follow Tables
      5. Using the Default Style Guide
    5. Using Media Objects
      1. To duplicate a Media object
    6. Customizing Books
      1. Creating Different Books
      2. Modifying the Book Object Print Tab
      3. Modifying the Book Object Help Tab
      4. Modifying the Book Object Web Tab
    7. Customizing the Title Page Object
    8. Customizing the Table of Contents
    9. Customizing the Topic Object Settings
      1. Using the Topic Properties Dialog Box
      2. Customize the Topic Heading Style for Print
      3. Customizing the Chapter or Section Superheading for Print
      4. Omitting a Topic from the HTML Contents Tab
    10. Understanding Related Topics
      1. Using In This Chapter and In This Section Related Topic Links
      2. Using Previous and Next Related Topic Links
      3. Using Contents and Index Related Topic Links
      4. Using See Also Related Topic Links
      5. Using the Related Topics Tab
      6. Creating New Related Topic Links
    11. Customizing the Hyperlink Templates
      1. Using the Hyperlink Object Print Tab
      2. Using the Hyperlink Object Help Tab
      3. Using the Hyperlink Object Web Tab
      4. Subtabs
      5. Creating Hyperlinks to Bookmarks
    12. Customizing the File Object Templates
      1. Using the File Object Print Tab
      2. Subtabs
      3. Using the File Object Help Tab
      4. Subtabs
      5. Using the File Object Web Tab
      6. Subtabs
      7. Using the Preview Pane in the File Object Tabs
    13. Customizing the Index Object Template
      1. Using the Index Object Print Tab
      2. Using the Index Object Help Tab
      3. Using the Index Object Web Tab
      4. Subtabs
    14. Customizing the Index Entry Object Templates
      1. Using the Index Entry Object Print Tab
      2. Using the Index Entry Object Help Tab
      3. Using the Index Entry Object Web Tab
    15. Using the Glossary of Terms Template
      1. Using the Glossary Object Print Tab
      2. Options
      3. Using the Glossary Object Help Tab
      4. Using the Glossary Object Web Tab
    16. Creating Publishing Profiles
    17. Customizing the Word Output
      1. Creating a Custom Word Template
      2. Customizing the Word Styles
      3. Embedding Linked Images in Word (Macro)
    18. Customizing the HTML Outputs
      1. Customizing the HTML Topic Template
      2. Using HTML Variables
      3. Using a Custom Cascading Style Sheet
      4. Customizing the Navigation Icons
    19. Troubleshooting the Outputs
      1. Troubleshooting the Word Output
  16. Maintaining the Library
    1. Clearing the User Locks
    2. Repairing and Compacting JET Libraries
    3. Removing Empty Objects
    4. Reindexing Search
    5. Refreshing the Library Properties
    6. Upgrading Existing JET Libraries
  17. About the Author
  18. About the Editor
  19. About the Indexer
  20. Index