Concatenation using alternation operator within parentheses

Parentheses can be used to concatenate regular expressions using the '|' alternation operator. In this, we simply place two or more regular expressions separated using the alternation operator pipe, '|', within parentheses to match any of them. For example, in the given example we print lines with the JaneEmilyAna, or Victor employee name from the emp.dat file, as follows:

$ awk '/(Jane|Emily|Ana|Victor)/{ print }' emp.dat

The output on execution of the preceding code is as follows:

Jane    Kaur    9837432312      F   hr      1800Ana     Khanna  9856422312    F   Ops     2700Victor  Sharma  8826567898    M   Ops     2500Emily   Kaur    8826175812     F   Ops     2100

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