Learning Backbone.js Testing

Video description

An interactive guide to perform automated testing on Backbone.js applications with the help of a real-world example

About This Video

  • Learn to set up an optimized automated testing environment to reduce manual testing woes and lower the barrier to entry

  • Use and customize a breadth of common testing tools to prepare you for real-world scenarios

  • Implement the testing techniques on a Backbone.js application to build experience and increase comfort while testing

  • In Detail

    The dynamic nature and flexibility of JavaScript and Backbone.js includes many ways of expressing ideas. Such liberty gives way to certain risks that aren’t as prominent in strongly typed languages and highly opinionated libraries and frameworks. Learning how to mitigate these risks is a crucial step to writing smarter software, and smarter software makes for happy developers!

    Learning Backbone.js Testing will bootstrap you into a world of JavaScript testing and provide you with fundamental experience in writing tests. By understanding and becoming comfortable in testing Backbone.js applications, you can increase your productivity, code quality, and design skills.

    At the beginning, we’ll discuss different testing philosophies and go over some testing basics. After establishing a motivation for and philosophy of testing, we’re going to dive right into how we express our tests in Jasmine’s BDD syntax. We’ll also hone in on how to deal with the DOM and AJAX in our tests.

    Once you learn some syntax and apply it to plain JavaScript and Backbone.js code, we’re going to run into the problem of manual testing practices. We’ll discuss and incorporate a tool that will automate our tests and make testing considerably more streamlined using Karma. From there, you’ll learn to apply testing techniques and tools such as fixtures and spies. This course will jump-start your automated testing experience and you’ll be writing robust tests for everyday objects!

    Product information

    • Title: Learning Backbone.js Testing
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: August 2015
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781785285530