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Learning C++ by Creating Games with Unreal Engine 4

Video Description

Program in C++ and work your way around in the world of Unreal Engine

About This Video

  • Read and write C++ code within the Visual Studio IDE to create effective gameplay elements within Unreal Engine 4
  • Integrate C++ and visual assets/menus into the design of your game within Unreal Engine
  • Create enemy types that vary by building an interaction system that affects multiple objects within the world

In Detail

Unreal Engine 4 is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developers, for game developers. From mobile games to high-fidelity VR experiences to console blockbusters, Unreal Engine 4 gives you everything you need to start, ship, grow and stand out from the crowd.

This video course shows you how to successfully set up Visual Studio for Windows so that you can begin developing games using the game engine: Unreal Engine 4. You'll also learn how C++ works and really get to grips with it. You'll learn how to start a C++ based Unreal Engine 4 project and use the editor. You will then learn how to debug Unreal Engine 4 games right within the Visual Studio IDE, before moving on to building gameplay elements that affect the player. You will use this knowledge to create a first-person shooter for the player and interactables within the environment to create gameplay elements within the world.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Setting Up Visual Studio for Windows
    1. The Course Overview 00:02:44
    2. Installing Visual Studio 2015 and Unreal Engine 4 and Exploring the Visual Studio IDE 00:05:26
    3. Variables and Methods/Functions 00:04:40
    4. Pointers and Memory Management 00:04:57
  2. Chapter 2 : Understanding Unreal Engine 4
    1. Understanding the Unreal Engine's Codebase and Naming Conventions 00:05:34
    2. Explaining the Unreal Engine’s Codebase and the Importance of Planning Scope 00:04:27
    3. Explaining Unreal Engine’s Garbage Collection and Its API 00:05:49
    4. Creating Our Project in Unreal Engine 4 and Initial Setup 00:09:48
    5. Exploring the Unreal Engine Interface and Importing Our Assets 00:07:49
  3. Chapter 3 : Creating Our Player Character
    1. Creating the Player Character's Code Part One – Basic Character Setup 00:11:13
    2. Creating the Player Character's Code Part Two – Setup Our Player Character 00:07:55
    3. Creating the Player Character's Code Part Three – Basic Movement 00:08:00
    4. Creating the Player Character's Code Part Four – Sprinting 00:05:57
    5. Creating the Player Character's Code Part Five – Shooting 00:07:59
    6. Creating the Player's HUD Part One – Basic Setup with UMG Widgets 00:07:08
    7. Creating the Player's HUD Part Two – Building the Widget Blueprint 00:08:25
    8. Creating the Player's HUD Part Three – Connecting the Player Character with the HUD 00:05:48
  4. Chapter 4 : Creating Gameplay Elements
    1. Setting Up Our Game Mode 00:05:37
    2. Creating Our Respawning System 00:07:04
    3. Setting Up Our Pickup System 00:06:12
    4. Creating Our Pickups 00:08:43
    5. Creating Our Destructible Items 00:04:11
  5. Chapter 5 : Creating Our Menus
    1. Setting Up Our Main Menu Widget and Level 00:08:00
    2. Adding Functionality to Our Main Menu Widget and Level 00:06:40
    3. Setting Up Our Level Ending Actor 00:07:13
    4. Setting Up Our Pause Menu Widget 00:05:45
    5. Adding Functionality to Our Pause Menu 00:08:32
  6. Chapter 6 : Creating Interactable Objects and Shipping the Game
    1. Creating Our Interaction System by Using Unreal Interfaces 00:04:46
    2. Creating Our Initial Interactable Base Class 00:05:25
    3. Setting Up Our Sub-Interactable Objects 00:08:22
    4. Adding Functionality to Our Sub-Interactable Objects 00:09:30
    5. Allowing the Player to Use Our Interaction System 00:05:00
    6. Building Our Level and Packaging Our Project for Shipping 00:05:02